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Another Foreclosure Trial Transcript, Like a Very Sad Novel….

The Rules of Evidence were developed to protect us all and to ensure order and consistency in our legal system.   But the Rules of Evidence, like the Rule of Law have indeed been bent, twisted and deformed to fit the needs of the mortgage servicing cartels.   Foreclosure trials are one of the last forms of political disobedience that are still permitted in this nation…..surely they cannot be permitted to continue….

Until we are shut down, we must force every single foreclosure case to a trial on the merits, to create a national record that will live in infamy until there is some blowback against all of this.   The attorney did an excellent job trying to stand up to this….and quite frankly, I respect the job the judge was doing here.   In the judge’s questioning, you see real consideration and respect for the case and the attorneys.   I certainly do not agree with many of the rulings, but the point of sharing these transcripts is to help us all understand the judicial reasoning so that we can help to change the outcome.

My leader reminds me every time I lose,

Stop focusing on where you think the judge was wrong and understand why she was right.   Learn from your error and stop trying to find errors in the court.

Gator Bradshaw practices in the Ocala/Gainesville area and I really encourage folks to look him up….



  • Eugene Villarreal says:

    Matt Wiedner, your website has enomorous value but, you have to step back, look at the transcript, remove yourself as an attorney, and now see yourself as a homeowner.
    At the beginning of the transcript, the judges allows the note and mortgage to be introduced as evidence after Bradshaw objected to the fact that the note/mortgage were NOT attached to the COMPLAINT(as required by Fla. statues ?). Doesn’t this violate the Rule of Law and Rule of Evidnce ? To say that we should not blame judges is like saying there’s green cheese on the moon. This transcript was also posted on Mar.14.

  • J.R. Homeowner says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all.
    Now we have property inspection “Cockroaches” testifying as business records custodians for a “servicer plaintiff” who has apparently LIED to the court about who the owner and holder of the note is.

    I’m left wondering if this is some sort of bizzare Kabuki theater or a Franz Kafka novel…

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