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Another Bank of Amerika (The Rodney Dangerfield of Banks) Blunder…..Teeter, Totter, Weeble, Wobble…

Bank-of-America-ForeclosureSigh….here’s another one….Maybe Warren Buffet’s Intervention Will Help Bank of America


And this:

Moreover, after absorbing tens of billions of dollars in mortgage-related losses in the past three years, Bank of America faces tens of billions more. It has hundreds of thousands of delinquent mortgages and second loans on its books. The state attorneys general are working on a deal on the foreclosure fraud scandal that might cost it billions. Independent analysts estimate the bank faces $16.4 billion to $36.1 billion in further housing-related losses, both from delinquencies and litigation. No other bank is more exposed to the continuing woes of the housing market.


Yet now it’s the Rodney Dangerfield of banks, seemingly on the bad side of too many tales of bungled deals with customers and rows with regulators. It’s in legal trouble on multiple fronts from foreclosure messups to lawsuits by angry corporate customers. It’s stuck with perhaps the most toxic asset in banking: Countrywide Mortgage, bought in 2008. And it’s the embarrassed owner of a stock, priced above $50 a share in 2007, that now sags under $7.


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