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Amerika: A Nation of Imbiciles, Lead (by the nose) by Tyrants, Bullies And Thugs…(Where Are The Lawyers?)


I received several quite angry responses to my recent posts about Rick Scott and the Fascist ReTHUGliCONs who are operating a new purge in this formerly free nation…heaping yet more tyranny on top of decades of over the top abuse.   Communist they called me, Pinko Liberal, Moron even.

Those who are critical apparently have not followed me long…they apparently don’t recognize my equal contempt for the Democrats.   They apparently do not understand that my political philosophy is the recognition that the parties are just fictional divisions, used to distract a drug and alcohol addled population which has become hypnotized or lobotomized and is largely unable to think critically, much less act with any courage, conviction or valor.

And so the formerly great population of this formerly free nation called Amerika wakes up every day and heads straight into the ambush….where we are all slaughtered and mowed down.

Every day, more Amerikans are felled.   Chopped off at the knees, made unemployed while their industries are shipped abroad.   Punched in the gut while more and more rights are stripped away. Bound and shackled tighter as the banks and credit vipers sink their fangs deeper and deeper in.

In foreclosure and in bank-sponsored home invasion burglary courts all across this nation, families fight for some faint recognition of due process or the Rule of Law…..while “our” courts chop them off quite cleanly straight at the knees, ignoring all rules and procedures in order that they might carry out the tyrannical sentences imposed by the banks.   There are no rules when you have the gold.   The vipers have their fangs imbedded so deeply into our society that   many of “our” judges have simply become free agents, teeing up for whatever bank or corporate entity appears, represented by counsel, before them.

I’ve spent years now, traveling all across this state fighting not just the tyranny of foreclosure, but the even greater madness of banks kicking down doors and breaking into homes and have found a court and legal system that supports and encourages this dangerous condition.   Through repetition and familiarity   and through direct support our nation’s judges and law enforcement are telling the banks,


But one of this nation’s remaining heroes asks a simple question….


*(They are right in the middle of it, because to fight back is to become a target.)

The rule of law is rapidly breaking down at the top levels of our government. As officers of the court, we have sworn to ” support the Constitution,” which clearly implies an affirmative commitment on our part.

Take the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The conservative American Bar Association sent three white papers to President Bush describing his continual unconstitutional policies. Then and now civil liberties groups and a few law professors, such as the stalwart David Cole of Georgetown University and Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, have distinguished themselves in calling out both presidents for such violations and the necessity for enforcing the rule of law.

Sadly, the bulk of our profession, as individuals and through their bar associations, has remained quietly on the sidelines. They have turned away from their role as ” first-responders” to protect the Constitution from its official violators.

Ralph Nader



  • Elise says:

    Its been a hard and lonely fight for the truth these past 12 years…and this started well over 30 years ago with MSM lies and structured programing…Remember when there was real music played on the radio? Do you remember hearing more than the top 10 hit tunes? Do you remember learning about local artists and actually hearing their music.


  • Robert says:

    I liked what Nadar said too.

    Imbeciles we are and as The Age of Stupid movie shows this problem is not limited to lawyers or Americans but includes the whole of humanity. I highly recommend that movie for those who have not yet seen it.

    How did we become so dumb? Neil Postman argues in his speech Informing Ourselves to Death, that the computer dumped so much information on us we suffocated. With his prognosis, he does offer some insight on how to resuscitate.

    “The computer is, in a sense, a magnificent toy that distracts us from facing what we most needed to confront ““ spiritual emptiness, knowledge of ourselves, usable conceptions of the past and future.
    “The tie between information and action has been severed. Information is now a commodity that can be bought and sold, or used as a form of entertainment, or worn like a garment to enhance one’s status. It comes indiscriminately, directed at no one in particular, disconnected from usefulness; we are glutted with information, drowning in information, have no control over it, don’t know what to do with it.
    “And there are two reasons we do not know what to do with it. First, as I have said, we no longer have a coherent conception of ourselves, and our universe, and our relation to one another and our world. We no longer know, as the Middle Ages did, where we come from, and where we are going, or why. That is, we don’t know what information is relevant, and what information is irrelevant to our lives. Second, we have directed all of our energies and intelligence to inventing machinery that does nothing but increase the supply of information. As a consequence, our defenses against information glut have broken down; our information immune system is inoperable. We don’t know how to filter it out; we don’t know how to reduce it; we don’t know to use it. We suffer from a kind of cultural AIDS.

    This global condition puts us in a rather desperate plight, but this condition of being incapacitated has happened before. Creative and effective ways have been put to use to wake people up. As a student of the Bible I have often wondered how anybody could do certain things I find recorded there. But now in light of our current condition I think I understand. Here is one effective method one person used to wake up a nation.

    Judg 19:29-30 When he entered his house, he took a knife and laid hold of his [already dead] concubine and cut her in twelve pieces, limb by limb, and sent her throughout the territory of Israel. 30 All who saw it said, “Nothing like this has ever happened or been seen from the day when the sons of Israel came up from the land of Egypt to this day. Consider it, take counsel and SPEAK UP!” NASU

    That was a primitive way to handle a similar crisis but it worked. Today we have The Yes Men. If you have not watched their movie by the same title I highly recommend it. The Yes Men act as high ranking spokes persons of companies like Dow Chemical. They finagle their way on national TV (before 300 million people) and make outrageous claims like this – Dow Chemical takes full responsibility for the tragedy they created in Bhopal India where 18,000 people died. Dow has allocated 12 billion dollars (about 12% of their profit) to help recompense the victims. Of course, when the truth finally catches up to everybody Dow finds itself in a very awkward position of having to deny that they take responsibility for what they did. Hillarious, gutsy, immoral?, but effective.

    My suggestion, watch The Age of Stupid, then The Yes Men and share it with the people you love and don’t give up hope that a country can wake up.

    peace, love, and hope,

    • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

      Concerning the reality of information overload, your analysis is brilliantly articulated, Robert.

  • FHA says:

    I understand that you need to express your opinion, and so do others to. I hope this article will empower anyone.

  • WinstonSmith says:

    i agree with Mr. Weidner’s narrow analysis of contemporary Amerikan life.

    but the cold, harsh, inconvenient truth is that from day one, from the perspective of its countless domestic and international victims, Amerika has always been a brutal, parasitic, rapacious, fascist empire.

    there are no Glory Days.

    death, destruction, domination, domestication, deprivation and desolation fuel the pyre of progress and privilege:

    “Some of us are old enough to remember when we condemned the communists for their ‘slave societies,’ believing that our own slavery was somehow an aberration instead of the absolute prerequisite to establish today’s American way of life. Our system’s continued success still requires these critical factors. We still have slaves but now we don’t have to see them. They toil on plantations, mines and factories hidden away in far continents, victims of centuries of western plunder, today camouflaged as ‘globalism.’ We employ terms like ‘neo-colonialism’ but pretend this term does not apply to us. What else was Cuba before Castro but an American satrapy? What else South Vietnam, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Iran before 1979, Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and many others? Why else has the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan but to try to secure the world’s remaining second largest deposit of oil and to acquire oil and natural gas from Central Asia in the very backyards of our rivals China and Russia? As Edward Said asked, ‘if the principal product of Iraq were broccoli would the U.S. be in Iraq?’

    “Victims of our wars are dismissed under the Orwellian rubric of ‘collateral damage’ committed accidently in the ‘fog of war.’ While our government now goes to some lengths to ensure that the worst of such crimes are committed by proxies wherever possible, when all else fails we send in our own armed forces. As reports from Iraq and now Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia show daily, our pilotless predators wreak a terrible slaughter on civilians. Our Army and Marine Corps do not exist to protect and defend our shores but to enter other nations and force them to our will.

    “We Americans hide from such uncomfortable facts largely by ignoring them, believing the lies we are told, or by fantasizing that we are a new chosen people, or the redeemers of a benighted world. We have constructed a mass delusion that our way of life represents the most advanced civilization in human existence despite the fact that its perpetuation has required the deaths quite literally of many millions as it took shape, the wholesale violation of the very values we claim, and the destruction of the very resources and environment that made the ‘American way of life’ possible in the first place.

    “Any trust in this system is really a kind of fundamentalism; many want to believe that all of this was ordered on high, perhaps encoded in our genes at the very dawn of humanity, its inevitability impressed in the Book of Time.

    “As in all fundamentalist faiths we have created a set of myths about why we go to war and these myths center on the falsehood that we do so to protect and defend noble values, and principles, and our superior way of life; never for the reasons others wage war, such as lebensraum, or to seize resources, or to prevent others from exercising their “˜right’ to self-determination should that impede our ‘interests.’ ”
    – Paul Atwood, High Noon for the Imperium: American Empire and the Future

    speaking of Nader and Plunder, Laura Nader (Ralph’s sister, an anthropologist) coauthored a decent book about legal theft:

    Plunder: when the Rule of Law is Illegal

    YouTube hosts a Laura Nader talk about this book:

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