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“Fascism should rightly be called corporatism as it is a merger of state and corporate power–Benito Mussolini

Americans in every state, from every political persuasion, from every religious and ethnic background and from every social and economic class need to wake up and recognize the world as we know it burning.   Not smoldering, burning.   The fascists have indeed taken over. The evidence is all around us and it is terrifying.   The fascists have not yet started dragging our friends, our relatives and our neighbors into the streets and they have not yet started using the millions of rounds of ammunition purchased by the state and federal governments on the very citizens that paid for the bullets, but this is coming.
The fascists have indeed already sent their troops into our neighborhoods and they are indeed making inspections.   The ground soldiers are indeed following their ” inspect and secure” orders and if they are ordered to enter into the home of their neighbor, they will kick down the door, drill out the locks and enter the property.   Never mind if your home is furnished, or even if you happen to be home at the time.   If they receive, in industry parlance, a ” ignore personal property” order, they will in fact ignore that a home is furnished and occupied”¦.they are after all are following orders.   And if an American should be at home or happen to interfere with their orders, and if they should happen to call the local police, law enforcement will indeed stand aside, refuse even to take a report, and they will let the inspectors continue executing their orders.   I’m talking of course about the banks and the ” inspect and secure” orders issued by Fannie Mae and the Federal government, but that’s just one example of this most disturbing phenomena.   It is in fact all around us.
We must all understand the fundamental aspect of fascism that I am focusing on here”¦..that fusion of the government and corporate interest, the amalgam called corporate statism.   Today’s Tampa Times reports on Florida’s Fascist in Chief, Rick Scott and his efforts to ensure that no law, no regulation, no force stands in the way of the utilities that continue to bilk the captive citizens of this state every single month.   The electrical power monopolists are permitted to exact ever larger monthly surcharges out of the state subjects.   Would Florida’s Corporate Statist Fascist in Chief intervene?   Not on your life. The fascist’s sworn allegiance is to the corporate interests, he has boldly pledged his allegiance over and over.   Making Florida more ” business friendly” means quite simply that there can be no interference with the corporate takeover of all means and mechanisms of enslavement.   Privatize the schools, privatize health care, privatize roads and even the water all around us.   What once was ” ours” now is ” theirs”.   They will exact their tariff, skim off their ” profit” then send that to their offshore tax havens.
And if anyone dares step in their way or dares to challenge, they will indeed be struck down and persecuted.   Again, the fascists are not yet so bold that they would drag us into the streets, but they will use the persecutions that are available.   June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards. Lynn Syzmoniak and Lisa Epstein and so many others that I have watched personally be attacked for daring to stand up.   And beyond my very personal experience seeing friends and colleagues taken out by the fascists, I see whistleblowers and good citizens and agency heads who are attacked or squeezed out when they stand up against the machine.
Some months ago, Bill McCollum, Florida’s former attorney general opened up 9 separate investigations into fraudclosure.   June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards and Andrew Sparks were attorney general attorneys that were aggressively pursuing those investigations and they were bearing fruit.   Fast forward to Fascism in Florida today and the announcement by Pam Bondi that all of those investigations are winding down.   Don’t forget that in order to get to this place, the fascists had June and Theresa and Andrew fired, then an Inspector General’s report was issued that targeted both the attorneys that were leading the investigation and the citizen whistleblowers that were doing their civic duty by reporting the wrongdoing and the crimes they stumbled upon.   The fascists executed hit jobs on all of them.
But it’s not just here in this little ethically challenged swamp called Florida that the fascists are making such a bold stand, it’s all across this nation. When Jamie Dimon appears before Congress flashing Presidential cufflinks, he’s broadcasting a loud and clear message to his captive servants, ” I own you. I own this country.”   When JPMorgan Chase assumes the assets of the failed bank WAMU, they took down a sweet deal that only gets better as the sins and the frauds and the crimes of WAMU are revealed.   And the teams of attorneys”¦.the gangs hired by JPMorgan to clean up the messes and wipe down the blood have the ruthlessness of guerilla fighters who are unrestrained by any fear or practical limitations”¦they are not bound by any law or any practical considerations, they are not restrained by any fear of the finding of wrongdoing or exposure to penalty.   The sins of WAMU will be borne not by Dimon, but by you and I, the taxpayers that are paying for his golden cufflinks and the private jets he enjoys at our expense.   Meanwhile, the attorneys who dare to take on the Beast and the homeowners that dare to raise a whimper are crushed”¦.That’s the power of Imperial cufflinks.
So why is John Corzine still walking around free? The fascists like it that way. And why do Americans no know about LIBOR? The fascists like it that way. And why are our elections a fraud? The fascists like it that way. And why has there been no consequence for fraudclosure? The fascists demand it.   And why are Americans bound ever deeper into the bondage and servitude of debt slavery? The fascists want it that way.
The dream of America has been snuffed out, the fascists run this scene now.


  • John Anderson says:

    “So why is John Corzine still walking around free?”
    Well if this guy was ever prosecuted he might spill the beans. This would be disastrous for the TBTF banks. Ditto on prosecuting any of these banks on the multiple felonies they have committed. And
    it is the will of the Rothschild’s, owners of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve, and what has been called the Military Industrial Complex “the same group that Eisenhower warned us about in his exit speech”.
    If the public ever goes clamoring for his prosecution, they will just make him go away through assassination or medical impairment.
    I really think that things will get better after the election, “no matter who wins as they control both major parties” and after the 12/21/2012 doomsday garbage is past 2013 may be the first year of recovery.
    I look at the economy as a accordion, where it make music expanding until it reverses and makes music till it empty and it must once again expand. Well the Rothschild’s banking cartel is the player of the accordion, and the music is them making money, and they have made all they can from it going down, and must now reverse.
    We will continue on this course until the public is inclined to question the actions/inaction’s of our government on 9/11, wars based on lies “Iran and Syria are next” the economic crisis, and the issue of the Federal Reserve System.
    But even more important than the economy is the loss of our liberty and freedom under the Patriot Acts and other actions by congress known and unknown. The loss of uninfluenced legislators, just courts, state and federal prosecutors who are willing to follow and enforce the law is the true cost of fascism.
    There is a coming revolution, and we have to be careful that the people and the media behind it are not the same despots now running the majority of the western powers.
    Keep speaking out Mr Weidner.

  • Mark Bowen says:

    100% accurate and we have the evidence to prove it all. Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone who wants to hear it. All three branches of Florida’s government is corrupted by corporate Fascism. Simply connect every county, circuit, appellate, and SC judge and justices pension plans through the Florida Retirement System to MBS’s. Conflicts of interest across the board.

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