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American Elections Are A Fraud….The Parties Are Stealing Elections With Electronic Voting Machines….

Are you one of those delusional Amerikans that thinks your vote decides who is the next figurehead of this nation? Silly Sheep.
The Amerikan voting system has become so thoroughly corrupted….if we’re lucky The United States Supreme Court might elect the next president.   And if the 2000 election is any measure, we should really be concerned with how many relatives or spouses of Supreme Court justices are working for Romney or Obama to guess which way they will vote….yes, just ignore THE LAW…..follow the corruption trail of crumbs.
From Yahoo:
Touch-screen electronic voting machines in at least four states pose a risk to the integrity of the 2012 presidential election, according to a Monitor analysis.
In four key battleground states ““ Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado ““ glitches in e-voting machines could produce incorrect or incomplete tallies that would be difficult to detect and all but impossible to correct because the machines have no paper record for officials to go back and check.
While many state officials laud the accuracy of e-voting machines, mechanical and software failures are not a new problem. What makes the risk more serious this year is that polls project a close election, and e-voting problems in any of the four states in question could affect who wins the presidency.

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