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America is Dying….Have You Done Anything To Help Save Her?

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Isoroku Yamamoto after his attack on the USA.

We all know this nation is in dire, and probably fatal peril, right?   If you take the time to read real journalism and real analysis like ZeroHedge or NakedCapitalism.   If you have enough sense to realize that most of the information fed to the general population by the main stream media is nothing more than morphine being mainlined to a cancer stricken corpse, if you have two firing brain cells and have mastered sixth grade level math you understand that the entire world financial system is teetering on the edge of a gigantic abyss.   And as the financial system goes, so too goes our government, the latter being inextricably linked to the former.

The reality is our entire system of government is staring straight into a very real crisis of confidence and a total failure of authority because it is losing the consent of the governed. The other reality is that only through voluntary consent does our government have any authority or legitimacy at all.   The next step in the equation is that at some point in time, likely in the not so distant future, the sleeping dog that is the American people is going to wake from its addled slumber and respond back after being kicked and beaten upon for so many decades.   The response will be a violent and definite repudiation of the consent to govern that now empowers an utterly corrupt and therefore illegitimate ruling elite.

Now you won’t see any of this analysis   at all in the mainstream media and the fact is there is not much overt expression of this phenomena”¦yet”¦but the fact of the matter is the American population is simmering with anger and discontent and that anger is only growing every day.   Slowly, ever so slowly, America is starting to wake up to the awful, enraging reality that we have all been held at gunpoint, robbed then spat on after everything we had has been stolen from us. I serve on the front lines of this war and I see it every day. I see seething anger and fury when the banks are allowed to throw my clients into the street when I know, when they know and importantly when the courts know that the banks have been permitted to lie, cheat, violate every rule and break every law to accomplish the ultimate goal, the final indignity, throwing an American citizen out of their home.   What do I say to my client, my neighbor, my fellow American when they ask me, ” How can our courts actively participate in this crime spree that continues to be perpetrated on the American people?”   I have no answer.   I find this dynamic so disturbing”¦going to court every day and watching judges give the banks free pass after free pass, granting judgments to them and granting motions all day long that merely confirm the bank’s long running crime spree.   In some courtrooms I still encounter outright hostility from the fact that I dare to defend consumers and stand against the banks”¦.how dare I?

The crime spree started long before 2008, but the 2008 crash brought the reality into prime time.   The bailouts brought to us hand and hand with all the lies and financial fraud and fanciful accounting cost us untold trillions”¦and they continue today, but they were just one in a series of indignities that continue to be saddled around our necks.   The untold trillions of dollars in deals that Bernake and Paulson and Geithner are cutting, throwing money around like confetti are not just abstractions”¦the deals are real money.   My money. Your money. Our children’s money.   The swaps and quantative easing and hyperhypotications are not fictional Monopoly money, they are your paycheck and your retirement account and your children’s paycheck and your children’s retirement account, taken from you and taken from your children before they’ve even earned it.   Forget about the whole ” Taken From My Cold Dead Hands” and the mythos of American machismo and ” Don’t Tread on Me””¦.it’s a fantasy.   Just ask the thousands of farmers who had a billion dollars stolen from them by MF Global..they didn’t do anything and John Corzine walks free, living an extraordinarily fine life, thank you very much.

The reality is the United States of America cannot repay the current outstanding debt and obligations, much less the exponentially increasing obligations we are already being saddled, ever being increased”¦ah, the Miracle of Compounding Interest!   And it compounds every second of every day.   And always will.   If you’re still working in this economy congratulations!   Congratulations for still having a job and for still showing up every week, paying as you must into the Social Security ” Trust” fund and making all the other payments you do but really”¦you know that’s all a big lie don’t you?   You know there is no trust fund and that you can trace percentages of your paycheck directly into the stuffed bank accounts of every bank, every defense contractor, every poison spiking food producer and health insurance company”¦right?   You really don’t think the federal government is taking that 7% of each week’s paycheck and holding it in a magic lock box for you, just waiting until you reach that magic age of 65 to hand it out to you”¦.do you?

And if you’ve worked in state government here in Florida, you don’t really believe that Florida’s retirement system is fully funded with $128 billion dollars just sitting there earning the 22% return they said they’re earning with your money”¦.do you?   Well actually you probably do. The realty is we’ve all become just like millions of compliant farm animals, waking up every morning to accept the yoke of the plow placed our broad shoulders, the farmer whipping us from behind as we trudge through the mud and snow each day.   We are all merely beasts of burden, everyone of us bipedal slaves continually plowing the fields so our ” leaders” and the corporations that own them can squeeze even more out of us and the ground.

When I think of the Madoff-like fiction of Florida’s Retirement System, I think often of the dedicated public servants I see every day.   Sheriffs, cops, judicial assistants and”¦judges.   The folks behind the black robes and all that responsibility and pressure are generally some of the smartest and most dedicated people in our little world.   They could make so much more money out in private practice but they accepted the call to serve so the eschewed the big law firm payout for the black robe and the State Retirement System”¦the same system that recently reported that 22% return”¦I’m still waiting for someone to explain this math to me, but it’s not retirement.   But why aren’t others questioning this math?

Our world today is like walking through the scene of a zombie movie. Yes, the restaurants are filled and the stores are bustling, but economically speaking, all these people are dead.   We’re all living in this delusional fantasy world, but it’s all a horrible fiction.   Real unemployment isn’t 9 percent, it’s more like 25 percent.   The ever declining value of the US dollar perverts and warps all the economic indicators”¦we’re net importing foreign goods then turning right around and sending them abroad where the currency markup generates a hefty profit.   Oil price and purchasing power and the cost of food”¦.all manipulated and choreographed by Bernake and Paulson and invisible hands moving pieces on the chessboard without even touching them.   The interconncected world economy is a Rube Goldberg contraption that has gone wildly out of control.   There may indeed have been some grand design or plan, but that’s all been lost now as the machine spews and chucks and throws pieces shooting into the air.

Oh, it wasn’t like we weren’t all warned.   Do you remember the good Admiral Stockdale?   Or how about his big eared leader Ross Perot?   Do you remember the big sucking sound?   That was in the 1990s.   Perot warned us that shipping all our jobs offshore and not replacing them with additional sources of industry and production was going to destroy this country.   Here we are a little over a decade past those unheeded warnings and how are we doing?   How many hundreds of thousands of textile and furniture factory parking lots are sad graveyards in the Appalachians?   How many thousands of foundries sit cold, lathes rusted solid, never able to turn again.   Edison invented the light bulb just a few miles south of me, but now no lightbulbs can go off in any American’s entrepreneurial mind because we don’t even make lightbulbs anymore.   But it’s not just the jobs today that are gone, it’s the skill set, the decades of touch and feel and intuition that guides the lathe operator.   It’s the smell and the sparkle and the turnover of the bubble that guided the foundry foreman, all of that learned over decades.   You can have all the education you want to.   All the technical degrees and robots and computers too, but the real skills are learned from doing and we don’t do nearly enough in this country anymore.

And for that we can thank the multi nationalists, their lobbyists, the Wall Street financial wizards, and all their henchmen in Washington DC and in state capitols and local municipalities all across this country.   They conspired to loot and rob us, they stole our collective national treasure”¦our industrial capacity, our nation’s work and ethic. They stole it from us just as surely as an armed robber mugs an innocent victim on a street corner.   But it was no dark alley or abandoned street. They did it all on the busiest streets of our entire nation, Wall Street and Times Square.   They did it in broad daylight and at nighttime with the street lights blazing”¦they did it in full view of high definition television cameras recording every act, broadcasting it around the world, for us and all the world to see.   It was, and continues to be, far worse than just a mugging.   It’s in fact more like a violent rape”¦.and one that has continued for decades.

I think the biggest fear for national security advisors is not attack from some foreign enemy thousands of miles and distant oceans away.    The Red Guard is surely not planning any direct attacks here on our shore.   The real national security fear is undoubtedly for what happens right here in the streets of the United States of America once the veneer of our existing social order is stripped away.   The question I have is what happens when we are all confronted with the math?   The math that makes it undeniably clear that we can no longer pay for those basic social services that are the foundation of our entire society?   When the inevitable calls for shared sacrifice go out to the 99% will we willingly answer that call knowing full well that we’ve have all been robbed  blind by the 1% for decades now?   Right, things are not going to be pretty here on the streets of the USA.   But our Nobel Peace Prize winning Constitutional Scholar and Law Professor POTUS along with an utterly compliant Congress are working together to tighten the noose around the American people”¦.ready to enact then enforce punitive laws that would make Hitler and Mussolini blush.

First NDAA and SOPA, narrowly defeated, but they’re coming back.   Then in rapid succession the US Attorney General explains that Due Process apparently doesn’t mean what every Constitutional scholar, law student and middle school US government pupil since the history of this nation thought it meant.   No, Due Process no longer means citizens are entitled to any review of orders to assassinate them.   Your only notice is BLAM, the moment when that drone strike vaporizes you.   And remember, the NDAA allows our government to come snatch me away”¦rip me from this keyboard and drag me kicking and screaming off to an undisclosed prison location where I may never be brought to trial and may never see an attorney.

Think you’re going to protest such things?   Think again.   It’s just astonishing that none of America cares or even pays attention to the passage of one of the most intrusive and oppressive laws even in our nation’s history”¦.House Resolution 347 almost unanimously and without so much as a whimper of protest.   The bill is more appropriately titled the, First Amendment is a Felony bill, and the intent is clear”¦..shut down the kind of protests like the Occupied and any other protests that feature Americans exercising their God given and unalienable rights.   One of the most extraordinary things is how little opposition this extraordinarily repressive bill received”¦.hardly a whimper as it sailed through opposed only by Ron Paul and one other Congressman, Justin Amash.   Make no mistake, the kind of speech that was so important to our forefathers is now a felony”¦and no one stood up.   No one uttered a whisper of protest. More on HR347

Remember, the Oath is to Protect and Defend The Constitution from enemies both foreign…and domestic.



  • neidermeyer says:

    Extend and pretend bitchez!

    I have my 20 acre farm in what should be a stable country and the gold to get me there … How much food and ammo do you have?

  • Senka says:

    I’ve been fearing this for years… having escaped a war torn country, having witnessed a similar process, I knew that every little step was leading toward total disaster… We let a group of crazy, greedy people take our fates into their own hands, and they found a way to manipulate the extremists within society. Those in power don’t realize that if we all go down, they’re going down with us too… no one can stand on their own.

  • Raptor says:

    What a great post. WAKE UP, everybody!

  • Robert Sublett says:

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the American People. And for your efforts to defeat the Florida Legislature’s attempts to pass the “Fair Foreclosure Act.”
    I hope that you will continue to speak out in defense of our American Heritage. It is sorely needed.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Sublett

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