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America 2000, A Bloodless, Bloody Coup D'etat

Think back to the year 2000. Bill Clinton was leaving office and Bush II was campaigning against Al Gore.   But think about how you felt, how your family felt, how your friends felt.   This nation, this world was not nearly on the razor’s edge like we are today, like we have been for the last four years.   Whether you liked Clinton or not, he was an accepted and in most cases a respected figure. From every objective measure, he left the nation in pretty good shape.   We were not hated around the planet. We had very good trade relations. We had very good diplomatic relations.   Oh, and he presided over record budget surpluses….remember those?   Even after the Lewinski scandal, he left office with approval ratings that matched those of other most respected presidents like Ronald Regan and Dwight Eisenhower.
What happened next?   Al Gore was elected president by the American people, then the election was stolen by a corrupt and fraudulent 2000 election where Jeb Bush and the Republican party of Florida engineered election and vote fraud that miscounted and manipulated popular votes to give Bush the win.   The scheme took two trips up to the United States Supreme Court and the court, unwilling to assert the courage and leadership that would have set off a full-blown Constitutional Crisis   were complicit in the Deal With The Devil that saw the Democrats conceding the election to the Republicans, and both working out a power sharing arrangement of mutual protection and benefit.   Any real disputes over substantive matters impacting corporate, industrial or financial interests were to be mediated by the parties, the public and voters relegated to backdrops, actors in a script where the ending was pre-determined.
So what occurred since 2000?   The United States decided that all the world’s problems, along with problems that had not yet manifested, would be solved not with math or science or medicine or diplomacy or leadership, but would be solved exclusively through sheer, brutal, skin melting, rubble creating force.   American might and global superiority would be projected not through reason and leadership and diplomacy, but with bombs and carrier strike forces and land invasions.
Immediately upon inauguration, the corporate interests that developed the neo con blueprint pushed aside our nation’s military leaders and these civilian Pied Pipers built the military their corporate projections and strategic plans mandated. Did threats in the world exist?   Of course they did, but those threats were magnified and many more were invented by a corpratacracy that viewed our military as a profit center.   Our military leaders were only too happy to oblige, the shiny toys and new missile systems and   unlimited budgets were intoxicating, impossible for our nation’s soldier leadership to ignore and impossible for them to reject.   And so they approved every battlegroup and strike force and weapon system whether it was configured to fight a legitimate foe or not.
Was the world a dangerous place in 2000?   Yes, but it is decidedly more dangerous now.   Because we all participated in the single greatest peacetime expansion of a military force in mankind’s.   Since 2000, we raged war from one end of this planet to the next. When enemies did not exist we fomented and stoked them, creating them in an image and configuration that was suited to conquest from the military apparatus we built.
Was the entirety of the middle east hell bent on destroying America in 2000?   Did the young men and women, the families, the tribes of this vast desert region wish bloodshed and misery and pain and suffering on Americans?   No.   Did the ancient texts of the Muslim faith demand that they rise up to destroy their Abrahamic brothers and sisters? No. Remember of course that Muslims, Jews and Christians all share a common ancestry.   Consider the alternative script described in our shared texts and history was not one of conflict and Armageddon, mutually insane destruction, but of harmonization and unity.
But this enlightened path was not consistent with the strategic and policy goals of this nation and no, I’m not talking about the figurehead government, the theater placed before us to give us an illusion of control or input or participation, I’m talking about the combined corporate oligarchy that is in fact the driving force, the unchallenged chairman, CEO and Managing Member, the Supreme Leader of this delusion called democracy.
God help us all.


  • DT says:

    Wow, still bothered by the Gore Bush thing, I assume everything is still Bush’s fault ?
    Get over it already

    • i don’t care what party you think you identify with…if you are foolish enough to still identify with either party you’re living in a delusional wilderness. More importantly, we should never get over what we know happened…much less the very real possibility of a far more sinister circumstance….

    • Penni says:

      DT, either you’re an ignorant fool or a troll…if you don’t know by now that 9/11 was a ‘fundraiser’ than you’re just an idiot. Follow the money trail, see who has benefited the most by the “War on Terror’ and it will become obvious even to a person like you. You seem to think that the Bush/Gore thing is the point, it is not, it is the aftermath of a broken system of integrity within our land; our courts have been corrupted, our government bought by big corporations, it is an extreme form of Cleptocracy that has taken place since before that election and since then has escalated to the equivalence of fascism in our country. If you’re a troll, then you are beyond hope because you are already corrupt. If you’re simply ignorant, do some research and learn something of value instead of writing out your knee-jerk reactions to those who have done the research. I am not even sure if you are worth the time it took for me to write this, but perhaps someone else who is inclined like you to react without any sort of knowledge will read this and they will have enough common sense to actually investigate before spewing forth some quip like “get over it”.

  • newsreader says:

    Matt ,
    love you but this is WILDLY DELUSIONAL THINKING … The democrat party in south Florida has been stealing elections for at least 4 decades … to be upset that their institutionalized fraud was stopped by a few people that shone a light on their shenanigans inside the counting house … The last time you went off on this I gave you a little background regarding Janet Reno’s involvement in aiding the fraud when she had 2 investigative journalists arrested…
    The RAT machine has ALMOST thrown this bit of their well documented fraud down the old memory hole … here’s an excerpt that includes plenty of clues for you to look into and learn the truth …
    Reno is no stranger to vote fraud. A former state’s attorney for Miami-Dade, Reno is an old pro on how South Florida elections work.
    For example, investigative reporters James and Ken Collier detailed in their 1992 book, ” Votescam,” how they uncovered preprinted voter ballots in a warehouse rented by a Miami political candidate.
    Following the advice of their editor, the reporters seized the evidence and took the illegal ballots to State’s Attorney Janet Reno.
    Incredibly, Reno had the journalists arrested, rather than investigate how a candidate had preprinted ballots in his possession!

  • newsreader says:

    here’s some reviews of “votescam” on AMAZON …
    38 of 40 people found the following review helpful
    Fascinating! Disturbing! A very very important book! April 16, 1999
    By A Customer
    I read the book approximately four or five years ago; the book was given to me from a friend who knew a lot about vote fraud and The League of Women Voters. The book upset me so much I had to include it in my other college readings at the time. I could not put it down. My memory isn’t that great about the specific details, but I do recall incidents that involved Claude Pepper, Dade County, Janet Reno greatly upsetting some lawyer who was going to represent the two brothers, the League of Women Voters on a video tape, shown, I believe if I am correct, on the 700 Club punching holes in voting cards to make the votes invalid and other unbelievable, unconstitutional acts that would shock the citizenary to the core of their structured, Americanized belief system.Upon finishing it, I xeroxed a petition that was at the back of the book and mailed it in to the President expressing my deep concern regarding this horrible matter. The Colliers should start a newspaper or write a series for a newsaper to make this national disgrace known. They would definately win the Pulitzer Prize for public service!
    Comment | Was this review helpful to you?Yes
    28 of 30 people found the following review helpful
    Hard evidence of Florida vote fraud – and a great read! December 19, 2000
    By Jon Fairhurst
    This is a “must read” for anyone who smelled a rat in the 2000 presidential election. Written eight years before the fact, the authors accurately predict Janet Reno’s inaction and Justice Scalia’s brazen decision, which effectively shut down the couting process. Not just theory, the Collier brothers personally discovered and present hard evidence of decades of Florida vote fraud.
    The clues point to a systematic corruption of our voting system by the heads of the major mass media corporations. It’s no surprise that Bush’s cousin at the Fox news decision desk triggered the stampede of “BUSH WINS” graphics. And its no surprise that searching every mass media website will yield no hits on the word “votescam”.
    This book does not lean towards either major political party. It simply champions democracy, freedom of information and the need to enforce our voting laws. Buy it. Read it. Take action to revive our right to vote.
    Don’t let the claimed 4-6 week wait dissuade you. I got my copy after a wait of only four days on December 10th, 2000.)

  • John Anderson says:

    By God I think you have it.
    Now just replace ” combined corporate oligarchy ” with the “Rothschild Banking Cartel” the owners of the Bank of England, the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve and the defence industry in the western world AKA the Military Industrial Complex.
    They also control/influence all mainstream media, to keep American voters distracted from the real problems, and divided evenly in numbers.
    Why have all the Presidential races been so close?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone win by 60%?
    It’s called divide and conquer!
    And they do it very well.

  • Concerned Reader says:

    Thanks Matt for keeping Bush v. Gore before the public. Sooner or later people will connect the dots with the Coup D’etat, the banksters, the endless wars, the end of the Middle Class, and the death of America. Keep fighting.

  • Pete V. says:

    This is revisionist history at its finest. In 2000 the Middle East didn’t hate us? America was everyone’s friend? Clinton surpluses?!
    1)Clinton intervened in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc etc- we weren’t angels. The Middle East hated us, I assure you.
    2)Clinton surpluses.. didn’t exist. We had projected surpluses, never once did we have an actual surplus.
    I really question if you were alive and politically aware during the 2000 elections.

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