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A Suggestion From A Reader of This Blog…

I received a comment/request from a reader that I figured I would just share without edit….

Hi Matt,

Please reiterate on your blog so the people  will focus on the reality of the fiasco  of the  foreclosure scheme still playing out by giving  the  shortest version for people to understand and remember.

These fraudulent pretender lenders are called just that… because ‘They’ never purchased or lent any money for any of these mortgages, which is why ‘They’ refuse to be deposed or  produce purchase agreements or valid pooling and servicing agreements.

Mortgage companies and their Warehouse subsidiaries were only used because “˜They’ wanted the signatures of the borrowers  so that years down the road, after the (original) trustees from other banks (sold the loans multiple times), the foreclosure mills attorneys and service provider companies would help play the shell game.

The trust account and (successor) trustee(s) are named before or after the pretenders obtain the mortgage documents in bulk (for pennies or from agreements) from pending bankrupt or defunct mortgage companies.   Then “˜They’ wait to file foreclosure and claim the loan was in “˜Their’ trust (non-existent or empty) account.

“˜Their’ (servicer) employees are used to keep the (wet funded) borrowers from knowing who or where the actual (table-funded) investor came from.   Then “˜Their’ (servicer or law firm) employees self-input data in the LPS, DocX, MERS or SEC systems, etc., and have employees (robo-sign and/or robo-testify) on documents, so that ‘They’ can give what appears as valid paperwork, in order to seize property and collect (wipe-out) insurance companies (again) and/or collect from  government funds or collect through  credit default swap agreements  because they bet that the loans would default.

The scheme to make sure of defaults also includes double taxes, triple (forced placed) insurance, bait and switched or undisclosed  rate term amounts of the documents,  pretend modifications and/or investigations were proceeding or just flat out manufacturing  defaults, without any notice to the borrowers.

Unfortunately, many people are involved in this grand heist and the public must grasp an even more important fact, which is that the public pays for every foreclosure, including the multiple sales, insurance and government funds, cleaning, break-in companies, and everything else associated with this scheme, however, the public just sits back and watches the wealth go offshore because they just can’t see how its done, therefore, tricked into working against their own people, neighborhood, economic and their own self interests.


  • marshamaines says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself. What’s particularly disturbing is that I worked for Faith Arnold when the Idea of MERS was germinated. I will proceed to trial ALONE, Pro Se on July 7 in Tampa against Bank of America. Apparently there’s not a lawyer in FL or VA willing to take them on like I have. Of course, I tell it like it is in the courtroom. I use the correct words, like Treasonous, Racketeering, Fraud, Theft, Extortion…and of course – “officers of the court” who act under Color of Law.

  • old guy says:

    marshamaines – good luck going pro se, you are brave, especially in Tampa. What is your case number? Try meetup to get some support. Are you having a court reporter? Remember to smile at the judge, they usually like that…

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