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A Ridiculous Lawsuit- My Client is Being Sued For Barbecuing…and “Barking”

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This world really is getting more and more bizarre.   Today’s case study is a lawsuit, filed in Pinellas County Florida where my clients are being sued by a neighbor for (among other things) operating a barbecue….and “barking”.

No. Really.

Apparently the neighbor does not appreciate the ages old art form of open air cooking.  The lawsuit details a litany of horrors caused by barbecue smoke or, as described in the lawsuit…

“Defendants created a nuisance in the form of pungent and acrid
smoke from their large smoker”


Now one legitimate question to be asked….if a person can be sued for operating a barbecue in their own backyard…isn’t it true that every Burger King in the country could be subject to such a lawsuit?

Just bizarre….

One of the more absurd allegations, taken directly from this lawsuit

“Scotty Jordan has pulled his car into her driveway and shined
his bright lights into her house”


“In addition to the overt acts of misuse and excessive use of the
smoker by all Defendants, and “barking” at Plaintiff by all Defendants.”

Have a look at the following video…it really details the absurdity of the complaint…


The lawsuit found below:


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