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A Powerful And Brilliant Democratic Voice: Romney May Be Better For Americans on Fraudclosure Than Obama Has Been…

As detailed in Martin Andelman’s recent post, Matt Stoller is truly a brilliant thinker.   I won’t juice him up anymore, Martin did a fine job of that himself. I want you to read Martin’s piece, then watch this video of Matt explaining how it’s possible that Mitt Romney might be better for Americans on fraudclosure than Obama.

The analysis is simply brilliant.   Simple. Brilliant. And Terrifying.

Matt of course is correct, and the fact that he is offers terrifying commentary on where we are in this nation.   The stark choice between the greater of two evils is what is wrong with this nation.

I thought about that the other night as a I stood there in the beer store.   As an Amerikan, I have a dizzying array of beer to choose from, but I am presented with only two fatally flawed and entirely unacceptable versions of fascism to lead this formerly great nation……




  • Yeah, okay… but the beer’s still a good thing though, right? I mean, you’re not trying to harm the image of beer are you? ‘Cause I think that would be wrong. In fact, I’m going to start drafting a bill prohibiting the association of beer with anything political in this country. It’s just wrong, Matt. I think I feel like a beer… OH NO… but now I thought of Mittens and Oblabla… and now I don’t want one anymore. See what could happen? Slippery slope, counselor, very slippery slope.

  • Robert says:

    Stoller definitely has a point and very insightful to make it. That kind of thinking goes on all the time in politics but this is the first time I feel like I can take an active part in it. I didn’t vote last time, and was thinking of voting for Rocky Anderson this time, but Stoller’s wisdom is definitely powerful.

    And I like your beer illustration. Imagine a Miss America beauty pageant where you only get to see the beauty queens of two states! That is what our system of government has become. We offer the people one more choice than Iraq does for its leader.

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