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A New Essay- Chink in The Armor and the Mortgage Strike

america-foreclosuresBut think this thing out.   What can they do if all of us choose NOT to play?   If we were all to stop paying our mortgages and take that money instead and prosecute quiet title actions,   what COULD they do?   You bring them to their knees in 30 days and you overwhelm the courts seeking justice.     Do you really think they can send in the Sheriff,   or the Army to stick a gun in your face to write the monthly mortgage  check?

Your government sold you into debt slavery to the banks.   They have their 30 pieces of silver.   OK.   Fine.   Now we know who they are and where they stand.   They will not redress our grievances,   so we now have no choice but take action of our own.

Chink in the Armor