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A Most Powerful And Moving Description of Economic Despair, Fraudclosure Hell in Florida

I wish that everyone in this country, especially those in power and those who are delusional about the hopelessness of our nation’s predicament, would carefully read the story that appears in today’s Huffington Post.

I wish that everyone who wants to blame the unfortunate and those who have been left behind would step out of whatever fantasy world they’re currently living in and see the full breadth and magnitude of the tragic world we now live in.

I wish that courts, judges and our legal system would recognize the profound and apocalyptic trajectory that we are all on.

I wish that our legal profession would accept the moral responsibility we have to help alleviate the extraordinary suffering that is closing in all around us.

Foreclosing is not the answer. Throwing families into the street….even if they cannot pay….is not the answer.

We need jobs and industry and ethics and a commitment to pull everyone back up off the ground.

Please read this story and share it around:

Last month, she found herself in a courtroom in downtown Ft. Myers, where she hoped to plead her case to the judge. This was the first house she had ever owned. It was home to her 11-year-old daughter. She had refurbished the kitchen. She wanted to keep it, if only the bank would share the loss and give her a lower payment.

The lawyers for the bank and the judge all seemed familiar with one another in a clubby sort of way, she says. They exchanged inside jokes and spoke in shorthand as they processed a fat stack of files. They acted as if they were surprised that she had bothered to attend a hearing that seemed merely pro forma, another box to check on the paperwork. And the judge appeared amused and unmoved by her speech, she says.

“I tried to tell him what had happened, how my hours had been cut and how I’d lost my job,” Mass says. “He said, ‘Well, when you signed the note, it didn’t say I promise to pay unless I lose my job.’ He was very sarcastic and treated me like another person trying to put one over on the system.”

Huffington Post


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