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A Foreign and Economic Policy That Cannot See.

deindustrialization-americaHere’s a case study that illustrates just how bad things are in America…

In case you missed in, Congress passed a law mandating that by 2014 American stores will no longer be able to sell the incadesent lighbulbs that were invented by Edison. (some cannot be sold starting 2012)   Oh well, innovation, right?   We’ve got something else in the hopper as an alternative right?   Wrong.

In a sick case of corporate irony, General Electric, Thomas Edison’s company was largely behind the effort that killed off it’s golden goose.   (see article here)   In a real clear example of what’s wrong with our economic policy.   US Scientists developed the alternatives to the old US incandescent technology, like LED and compact florescent, but we’ve shipped all that technology and the jobs that go with it offshore.   This country could quite literally be in   a position where we cannot see after dark in a few short years.   Let me repeat the mantra,

“We cannot make mortgage payments in the US if we don’t make anything else here.”

Read a story on this, and when you get done….if you’ve got the stomach for it, check out the link below the story which is utterly disturbing….the lightbulb problem is a perfect illustration of a much more disturbing phenomena….the corporations are using Congress to pass laws which are good for them, but which will ultimately destroy our entire country.


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