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A Foreclosure Hearing….Making the Proof!

Correct. What’s in front of you
15 right there, and what is in front of the Court’s
16 ruling to timely file a motion. They failed to
17 file at the direction of the Court’s order.
18 There’s nothing in the Court’s order — there’s
19 nothing before the Court which opposes what’s
20 before the Court right now.
MR. WEIDNER: Your Honor, what counsel’s
16 referring to — is there evidence presented before
17 the Court to analyze whether it’s human error or
18 systems gone awry. There is nothing before the
19 Court right now except our motion to dismiss. If
20 opposing counsel wants to oppose that order, it’s
21 incumbent upon counsel to bring forth something
22 upon which this court can rely.
HEARING 10-02-2012.fullprint

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