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A collection of Michelle Sjolander Depositions….This is What The Banks Were Doing With Trillions of Dollars in Assets…..

And do you know how many stamps were issued with
11 your name on them?
12 A Not the exact number. But many.
13 Q Could you estimate? Is it more than 10? More than
14 100?
15 A More than — more than 10.
16 Q Less than 50?
17 A I don’t — through the whole years, I can’t even
18 give that answer.
19 Q Okay. And what happens to the stamps? What happens
20 to the old stamps when you execute new stamps?
21 A I collect them and burn them.
Are any endorsements ever what you called wet ink
3 signature where someone actually signs the endorsement?
4 A It is — it is not — not — none of mine have been.
5 Q Okay. How about anyone else’s? Do you have any
6 knowledge if anyone else’s signatures are —
7 MR. TRINZ: Objection.
8 Q BY MS. LUNDERGAN: — physically placed on versus
9 stamping?
10 MR. TRINZ: Objection. Outside of her knowledge.
11 THE WITNESS: Outside the scope of my business.
12 Q BY MS. LUNDERGAN: Okay. Do you have any knowledge
13 then of that?
14 A No.
15 Q Okay. How long has — you are no longer executing
16 endorsements, but when did you begin executing endorsements or
17 when did they begin using a stamped signature to execute your
18 endorsement?
19 A 2005.
20 Q And how did that arise? Was it something that they
21 asked you to do or was it something that became part of your
22 job position?
23 A Yes. My previous boss had left the company and my
24 stamp was replaced with his.
SJOLANDER dep. BNYM v. Tomaro
Sjolander Deposition, Ice Legal, she burned stamps 20120314


  • Raptor says:

    Wow! Hopefully the vise is closing on Sjolander and BoA. Someone needs to depose her partner in crime Laurie Meder, who Sjolander keeps referring to as one who would know more than she does. Barring that, someone needs to get the skinny on the “power of attorney” that Sjolander claims gives unnamed, and unknown-to-Sjolander employees of Recontrust the authority to stamp her name on notes.
    Because Sjolander’s endorsements are a complete sham, for a couple of reasons: 1) as you, Mr. Weidner, have pointed out, the notes are not negotiable and therefore 2) were never endorsed until litigation required that an endorsement be placed on a note (to keep up the appearance that the notes were negotiable and that the “sale” of the notes was a routine UCC-3 transaction), as Linda DeMartini of Countrywide testified in her deposition in Kemp v. Countrywide.
    In my personal experience in a lawsuit with Countrywide/BoA et al., BoA relied on an unendorsed note throughout the entirety of the litigation until the point at which it was clear to everyone, including the judge, that if BoA couldn’t/didn’t produce an endorsed note, BoA would lose. So a Sjolander-endorsed note magically appeared at the 11th hour, the judge allowed it, and I lost instead of BoA.
    The judge allowed the newly-endorsed note even though I produced evidence that Sjolander did not endorse the note herself, was not even in the building when and where the note was supposedly endorsed, and that the supposed endorsement was performed by an employee of Recontrust (an employee that Sjolander could not name)–not BoA/Countrywide–supposedly operating under a “power of attorney” executed by Sjolander herself. Sjolander was not even able to identify what the supposed power of attorney document supposedly said beyond some vague understanding that the document supposedly gave Recontrust employees authority to stamp her name.
    That’s why I lost, in a nutshell. On summary judgment, of course.

  • Anne Hart says:

    The faxed allonge with the date stamp and time blocked…craftily made to appear…wait for it…hallejuah…as the back side of the signature page.

  • Sandy Lynn Timms says:

    Has anyone deposed Laura Meter? If so, please let me know if the deposition is online or if a copy is available some other way, I would appreciate that information.

  • la today says:

    The lawyers for Mellon, alleged, not really sure if they are, long story.
    They did the deposition in my Case: BNY v Tomaro on Sjolander, but Laurie Meder is the one who signed the alleged endorsement on our alleged Note….
    So, does anyone have any information on Meder… My ex-lawyer should have requested to depo her…
    Think about it this is the person they are offering up for these deposition, Sjolander… lol…

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