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3 More Notary Publics Charged in Nevada….(Nothing To See Here People…MOVE ALONG!)

More and more Attorneys Generals and agencies from around the country are paying serious attention…

(nothing’s going on in Florida)

Major news organizations are reporting…

(everyone just keep focused elsewhere)

Trillions of dollars sloshing all around the globe…

(did you see the Kardashians)

I’m sure these are all just isolated incidents…

(hey Beavis, they made me a vice president)

But then reports like this just keep flying across the wires:

(AP)   LAS VEGAS “” Three more Nevada notaries are accused of falsely attesting to legal signatures on foreclosure documents in a broad Las Vegas-area mortgage fraud scheme that has led to the indictment of two Southern California title officers, the state attorney general’s office said Monday.

The announcement that Meghan Shaw, Jennifer Lowe and Joseph Noel each face one charge of notarizing a signature of a person not in their presence came a week after Tracy Lawrence, the first notary identified as a key witness in the so-called “robo-signing” case, was found dead at home after missing sentencing on a similar charge.

Associated Press

And if they start arresting some people…what happens to everyone else who was doing similar things?

Were are the feds in all this?

Ain’t all this stuff crossing state lines?

Does anyone pay attention to a tiny little broadcast of a television program line 60 minutes?

Will the whistleblowers and advocates and those who have been fighting for the American people and for the Rule of Law finally be protected from attacks and persecutions?

Will justice be restored in this unjust land?

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