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BOMBSHELL- Another “TOP SECRET” Presentation From the Florida Attorney General’s Office (The Banksters Don’t Want You To See)

bankstersFlorida’s Attorney General apparently wants to give the banksters a pass and allow them to walk away from all the wrongdoing, be forgiven of their misrepresentations to courts and absolved of all the harm the caused to Floridians by their acts.

When June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards presented some of their findings to a group of public officials who are charged with protecting the integrity of our public records, they were at first praised, then they were attacked, then they were…(ahem) let go.

But before they made their presentation, there was another presentation that is part of this state’s official records and which should help to drive discussions about public policy and how to address the ongoing problem that is Fraudclosure.

Please read this presentation very carefully and consider the full impact of what it means……





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