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You’re One of Those Delusional Fools That Thinks You’re Safe In Your Own Home, Aren’t You?

When you leave your home to go for work in the morning, you probably lock the doors, perhaps turn on the alarm, take other precautions and you think your home is safe and secure…don’t you?

Well you foolish American are living under a dangerous delusion.

You don’t understand that the banks have determined they can drill out your locks and enter your property and frankly do whatever they damn well please…..who cares what you think?

They might decide to rummage through all your drawers and even drink   a cold beer from your refrigerator, leaving a partially drunk beer there for you to find when you get home.

They might decide to terrorize your neighbors and your guests telling them, “we’re gonna throw all their junk into the road.”

They might send guests who came to visit this country running scared back home because this lawless land has gone mad.

They might allow men with scary sounding names and lengthy criminal records to break into your home, not caring one bit just how dangerous a condition they have created.

And if you think law enforcement will stop them, you’re delusional.   If they bother to come to the scene, they’ll tell you….”too bad they’re the bank.”

And if you think you can hire an attorney, file a case and get a court to stop it or even punish the wrongdoing….well, you’re once again delusional….the courts will shrug their shoulders, and tell you to stop wasting time…of course the banks can do what hey want…they are the banks after all.

I want to make an important distinction here.   In some circumstances, the banks have rights to enter into properties.   There is a place in this industry and in this country for honest, hardworking and law abiding companies to perform property preservation and maintenance. There are companies that follow the rules and that respect and understand greater responsibilities to the law, the legal system, their neighbors and communities and fundamentally to the nation as a whole.

We must all be working together to support businesses and individuals who are working honestly and lawfully and who are respecting the laws and communities.

I want to see good, responsible and honest people doing work to preserve the homes in their communities.   This today is not the case.

The purpose of this post is to engage Americans and develop a sense of awareness about what is happening in your communities.   The video below is presented merely to wake Americans up to the false sense of security they’re living under if you think a lock alone can keep you secure in your home….


See if you want to know how to do work in the Property Preservation / REO field. Anybody can bust a door down, but how do you change a lock when you have the legal authority to do so, without doing damage to the door? Here’s how…





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  • Raptor says:

    Holy fucking shit! I had no ixea it was so easy ro break into a house. Would-be thieves in every neighborhood just got a nice lesson in B & E!

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