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Your Government Has Failed You…Our Nation's Youth Sold Into Slavery

I have been focusing lately on several elements of the Bill of Rights, highlighting several that are very important in this day and age.   What we would all be seeing and experiencing, were it not for a media that is utterly corrupt and captive of the government itself and if whistleblowers were not persecuted, is a daily documentation of the ways in which the individual has been sacrificed so that corporations could fund every larger incursions into personal liberties.
At every level, the government and corporations have conspired to steal from us and enslave us.   Take the looming student loan crisis for example.   Our nation’s best and brightest now owe more than $1 trillion in student loans.   There has been more than a 700% increase in student loans and the cost of higher education.   Professors are not being paid more.   Math has not changed and the education has not improved 700%.   What did change is private corporations financed education using the full faith and credit of the United States government.
They diverted and pocketed obscene amounts of money. Not unlike Governor Rick Scott did with health care, taking money from sick old people to line his own pockets.   Not unlike all the banks did, lining their pockets with billions of taxpayer dollars, while the people suffer.   How can people like Rick Scott publicly claim to be about small government when the majority of his ill-gotten fortune was pillaged from the public purse?
How can the banks pocket   billions of dollars to write loans they know will go bad, then submit still billions more in insurance claims to the federal government and moonwalk away from the crime scene by “paying” their puny penalties using money stolen from private parties that had invested in them, because this taking was determined by the federal government and their counterparts at the state level, to be, “in the public interest”?
The propaganda ministers from the public and private sector work in concert to produce and perform masterful symphonies of misinformation that is greeted with enthusiastic cheers by the medicated public.   Joesef Goebbels would marvel at the highest expression of his craft, coming to us all in surround sound, 128 bit color, streamed live, tweeted, broadcast….every medium an entire section in the symphony.   While Goebbels had pamphleteers and staged events, our ministers deliver their messages in 24-hour streams, hitting us from every direction at once.
Orwellian, Fantasmagorphic, Kafka-esque, Mein Kampf.
It’s not that we weren’t warned. Those old white guys warned us that this machine they created would be turned against us.   In some otherworldly convention hall, I can only imagine that Madison and Jefferson and Franklin are all standing around their light table staring down at us and screaming,




I love all this discourse about the foundations of this nation.   A study of history shows just exactly how far of course we have gone.   And now I will share a passage which will surely bump me up several slots in my Domestic Belligerents ranking.   A reader submitted the comments below which I cut and paste in their entirety.   Now, this is precisely the kind of talk which will surely get this guy and me scooped up in the first rounds of NDAA Enforcement Actions, notwithstanding the fact that this precise kind of talk is exactly what the old white guys sought to protect….


So here’s the passage shared with me by a reader.   I recognize that this is not exactly “safe” political discourse, but the fact of the matter is, this is precisely the kind of “dangerous” conversation that we must all exercise.   Remember, we speak of “Exercising our Rights To Free Speech”. Why do you figure we use that word, “exercise”? The point is, the First Amendment means nothing to those sitting on a couch and screaming at their televisions.   The First Amendment, demands to be exercised.   The couch potato, the anonymous commenter is not exercising his rights….the Occupy Protesters are performing their sacred functions as Domestic Belligerents.

I watched this video yesterday which featured several Occupy protesters being arrested for….wait for it….wait for it….holding a sign.   Listen carefully when the video begins as the Brownshirt barks into the microphone:

Put the Signs Away

You Need A Permit To Protest


The truly disturbing this is this is being done right at the base of the statute of a guy named George Washington at the precise location where this nation was born.   That spot the Brownshirts are “protecting” is where Washington took the Oath of Office.   Are the protesters disruptive?   You bet. Are they annoying?   You bet. Are they breaking laws?   Probably.   But how can laws restricting the kind of speech they are engaging in be morally justified?

When I stood there at that monument a few months ago, I was disgusted by how close that sacred space sat to the New York Stock Exchange.   Wall Street raped and pillaged this country. The military profiteers sent our nations best and brightest, our soldiers on campaigns of plunder and destruction and now that our good soldiers are home they find they have no jobs.   Unemployment for veterans 18-24 is officially near 30%.   Unofficially it’s undoubtedly much higher.

(See the spot here.)

And now these veterans are being abused by the private education system that is making them slaves to student loan debt.   Veterans loans have a preferred status among the private school vipers….before they can ensnare civilians in their debt trap, they’ve got to retain a 10% military or private source funding, making veterans very lucrative pawns in the scheme.

Exactly what do we expect will happen when our youngest realize that we’ve made debt slaves out of them and that they will never be able to throw off that yoke of a trillion dollars in debt?

How do we expect our young combat trained vets will react when the private debt collector begins seizing their puny minimum wage paycheck as a consequence of a defaulted loan to a bogus technical school that never had any chance of delivering these soldiers working wages?

Our young, our soldiers, our nation’s best and brightest have been preyed upon in precisely the same way their parents were preyed upon by the viper financiers during the subprime boom.
Just wait until they all wake up and realize they’ve been sold into slavery.
Just wait.


  • Mark Bowen says:

    Great post. You’re intestinal fortitude seems to be growing. Is it time yet to attack the fraudulently integrated cartel you report to? I would love to help you with that, or rather, I would love your help with that (should make it a little easier on you, I know how oppressive the Association can be). Here’s a good start; how about when you’re sworn into office (I will be voting for you if you’re still serious), you refuse to swear in until you suspend your membership in the Bar? After all, State Legislators (and Executive Branch Officers) who are also members in good standing of the Florida Bar (Officers of the Court) are in violation of the Constitutions they swore to uphold and defend. Separation of Powers, ever heard of it? Again, I love what you’ve written here, only time will tell how big your “fortitude” really is/are. I’ve no doubt that this comment will not make the cut; just wanted to communicate some truth with you. God Bless.

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