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YOU…IN FORECLOSURE….YOU’RE AN ENEMY OF THE STATE! (and we are going to punish you)

Have you noticed what’s happening all around you?   The state and federal governments are turning against the people that are in foreclosure and they are attacking.   The governments are attacking and now the banks are attacking as well.   And just so you don’t think I’m being dramatic, I will be very specific about what I’m saying. The banks settled with the governments, they paid pitifully small fines but those sums were not really fines, they were bribes, payola, payoffs.

They got to walk away from their crime sprees but that’s not all, they also got clearance, free reign to focus all their energy and resources on the taxpayer, the consumer whose tax dollars were used to bail them out.   And they are doing it.

In Florida, the facts are especially stark.   You no longer hear any public official talking about the banking criminals or their crime spree, although their crime spree still infects many of the hundreds of thousands of foreclosure cases still pending in Florida courts.

Their settlement agreements required them to disclose their crimes to the people that are the victims of their crimes, and to the courts…but they are not doing so.   Surprised?

There is zero talk of consequence and all talk about punishing consumers, and the attorneys that dare to stand with them with all this fury to


Someone has convinced state policy makers that keeping families in their homes should not be a priority, but that we should all be working to grant foreclosure sales more quickly.

While other states, like California are increasing public protections, the Florida Legislature is aggressively pursuing legislation that will strip consumers of important due process protections.   Secret hearings behind close doors. Unelected senior judges. Paying into the court as a condition of making any kind of defense.   All these things and more are being leveled against you, the consumer because you are the enemy.

That’s what House Bill 87 and Senate Bill 1666 want to deliver to citizens of this state.   Are you willing to fight back?   Are you willing to stand up not just for yourself, but for all consumers in this state?   You must be willing to fight or there simply is no hope.

The attorneys and activists who are standing up for consumers and for the rule of law are suffering heavy casualties.   Just yesterday, another good soldier in this fight for all of us received a major attack.   But it’s not just an attack on her personally, it’s an attack on all of us.   We are all going to stand up and fight for her, because we cannot let the kind of serious   attacks that they are making go unchallenged.

Won’t you stand up and pitch in?   Won’t you join the fight?   Call your legislators and tell them,

I’m Just in Foreclosure…>>I’M NOT AN ENEMY OF THE STATE!




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