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Yet Another New York Times Article on Foreclosure Fraud

You’ve gotta hand it to the major news sources…when they sink their teeth into something….they don’t let up.   Our elected, senior and even Supreme Court judges can ignore the winds of fraud, lies and deceit that howl inside their courtrooms, but they cannot for long ignore our mighty free press and the inquisitive minds that support the press.


Take a read of the latest New York Times article here.

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  • butchie123 says:

    Well, lawyers seem to tolerate the massive fraud on the Court, the Judges allow the fraud, the Supremes watch and wait, so who’s really the responsible party to take on what would otherwise be RICO? Are lawyers simply timorous because they don’t want to offend the system of rackteering judicial clubs, the Judges here, or what? I can’t see any balls taking on individual Judges – if it’s fact and law, take them on or put up with anarchy?

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