Oh July 31, 2013 was an awful, horrible, despicable day

My office spent months preparing all these cases to get dismissed.  We had good reasons to have them dismissed.

We prepped discovery, we laid in the motions, we had the clients there in court.

But the judge denied every single one of them.  Quite frankly I think the reason was because he didn’t think that he was put up there to grant Defendant’s summary judgements…no matter how egregious the facts were against them or how much we were entitled to that judgment.  This belief was borne out by the number of files for which the Plaintiff put up no opposition…..but then he still refused to grant us the relief we were so clearly entitled.

I never forgot that day…it was horrible.  It was disgusting to feel that a judge just would not give us consideration at all….because we were defendants in foreclosure cases.

And so we kept working those files….kept grinding those files away.  Multiple hearings, hearings on discovery, hearings on pleading defects, hearings on plaintiff errors.

And one after one, we started getting those cases dismissed.  Some before trial….and some at trial.

The lesson is…keep fighting.

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