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WOW- WSJ Profile of a 25 Year Long Foreclosure Battle….

WOW- An incredible story.   Some will scoff, some will complain, but for me the story is her case must have merit if she has prevailed in this incredible battle…..

OKEECHOBEE COUNTY, Fla.””Patsy Campbell could tell you a thing or two about fighting foreclosure. She’s been fighting hers for 25 years.

The 71-year-old retired insurance saleswoman has been living in her house, a two-story on a half acre in a tidy middle-class neighborhood here in central Florida, since 1978. The last time she made a mortgage payment was October 1985.

Ms. Campbell’s foreclosure case has outlasted two marriages, three recessions and four presidents. She has seen seven great-grandchildren born, plum real-estate markets come and go and the ownership of her mortgage change six times. Many Florida real-estate lawyers say it is the longest-lasting foreclosure case they have ever heard of.

Wall Street Journal

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  • litgant says:

    After 25 years of fighting the fraud, it appears a robo-judge has been assigned to hear her case soon. All her defenses will likely be stricken as this shyster tries to make a name for himself among his peers. This 70 year old citizen is a victim of court prejudice and out-right fraud. Anyone without a bias can easily see her mortgage and note were severed. Why is she even in court right now? She is in court because there is no judge in her circuit who honors the rule of law. This is about the case in all Florida circuits. They do not want a homeowner to win. They think if a homeowner wins it means they get a free house. These judges are biased toward defendants. This woman deserves justice. But will she get it from a robo court?

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