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WOW- FANTASTIC LEGAL WORK an example of what we’ll share in the FORECLOSURE WAR ROOM!

Getting a foreclosure sale cancelled is darn near impossible.   Getting a foreclosure sale set aside is even more than darn near impossible.   Getting a foreclosure sale set aside when a third party has purchased is, well, somewhere far to the north of darn near impossible.

Unfortunately every day consumers are victims of lies, fraud or just plain mistakes when lenders and servicers intend to cancel or not go through with sales but their attorneys just go right ahead with sales.   I’ve had clients of lenders demanding that their own attorneys cancel sales then be told by their own attorneys that they cannot cancel   a sale….. A FLAT OUT LIE.

foreclosure fraud fightersWell posted here is a fantastic Order from Forclosure Fraud Fighter, Wendell Finner.   His case represents that all too common situation of a client lulled into complacency thinking no sale will happen because the servicer has assured them when BAM!, a foreclosure sale goes through.

Trust me, getting this situation corrected is a near impossibility, but this feat was accomplished by a great lawyer from the Jacksonville-area.If you’re interested in learning more about his great legal work, contact him at:

First Coast Consumer Law

Wendell Finner, P.A.

340 Third Avenue South, Suite A

Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250-6767

(904) 242-7070
(904) 242-7054 fax


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