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With chilling, Orwellian-like processes, foreclosures, bankruptcies and courtrooms across this country have been overtaken by computers that direct the time and progress of foreclosure and bankruptcy cases with little human oversight and not much analysis by qualified attorneys.

Read carefully the attached 58 page Order from federal bankruptcy judge Diane Sigmund Weiss.   In this incredibly detailed and complex Order, she details how clerical workers, computers and secretaries are responsible for foreclosure cases with “real” attorneys taking a back seat to any real substantive work or decision making.

I’ve long complained that foreclosure mills and their attorneys abuse the Summary Judgment process by churning cases through, making assertions that “no material questions of fact remain”, then they create the “evidence” to justify their misrepresentations.

I remain dumbfounded why, in light of depositions, findings of fact and other real evidence of abuses circuit court judges in particular continue to allow such abuses to be practiced right in front of them in their courtrooms.

I remain dumbfound why, in light of depositions, findings for fact and other real evidence judges across this country use their courtrooms as ATM machines churning out hundreds of millions of dollars to Millionaire Foreclosure Mills and their amorphous, unidentified clients and entities when both the law firms and the clients are engaged in systematic unethical conduct.

When did local elected judges become so enamored of   assembly-line, cash register justice that they’ve become willing to overlook gross abuses of explicit rules of evidence, ethics and case law?

Why are we allowing thousands of young attorneys be trained and affirmed that abusing court process and ignoring rules is permissible so we can just move cases along?

Take the time to read this detailed Order and ask, HOW IN GOD’S NAME CAN WE CONTINUE TO ALLOW SUCH ABUSE OF COURT SYSTEMS AND ULTIMATELY ABUSES OF CITIZEN’S RIGHTS at the hands of computers and corporations.

Read the full opinion here. BankruptcyHSBCprocedures

A few excerpts from the Opinion:

The thoughtless mechanical employment of computer ·driven models and communications to inexpensively traverse the path to foreclosure offends the integrity ofour American bankruptcy system. It is for those involved in the process to step back and assess how they can fulfill their professional obligations and responsibly reap the benefits of technology. Nothing less should be tolerated.

I believe Doyle may be so enmeshed in the assembly line of managing the
bankruptcy department’s volume mortgage lender practice that she has lost sight of her duty
to the court and has compromised her ethical obligations.

He asserted that he had no recourse to the client when
one was not forthcoming, specifically that he had no ability to discuss my directive about
document production with either representatives of HSBC or the attorneys at Moss who
had filed the claim for HSBC.

Assembly line, cash register justice so big corporations and millionaire law firms can make bajillion dollars in ill-gotten gains.

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