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Will You Please Do Something For Me?

jeff-thigpenI appreciate all your support over the years. All your   goodwill, encouragement and support is most important to me.

I want to ask each of you for a favor.

Please log in and support my friend, Jeff Thigpen.

Here’s the deal…..there have been a handful of people IN THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY that have stood up to fight for consumers and the Rule of Law.   Jeff has been on the front lines fighting for you from the very beginning.

Will you please do me this favor and drop him a few campaign dollars in support of his efforts?

Please understand what hundreds of small donations will do for the larger effort to make your voice heard.

Please log in, take a few minutes and contribute just a few dollars.

It’s not just his campaign, it’s the larger effort to make your voice heard!

Please click here for website and support instructions.



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