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Why Is The UPDATE…THE NDAA APPEAL….Federal Government Fighting So Hard To Drag Me Away And Send Me to A Secret Prison?

Nothing Says, Land of The Free!

Quite Like

Indefinite Detention Without Trial!

Have you heard of the NDAA? It was voted into law by US Senators and Representatives and quietly went into force on January 1, 2012, a day when all of Amerika was too busy nursing hangovers to realize the most staggering destruction of fundamental Constitutional rights occurred right under their drunken stupor noses.
Section 1021- the dark side of terror.
the most important thing to understand about the NDAA is the hotly contested Section 1021…that’s the section that the Obama administration specifically demanded be put into the legislation, that’s the section that was most litigated in the federal lawsuit and that’s the section that allows the feds to drag away an American citizen, hide him off in a secret prison and refuse to give him access to lawyers, judges, court system of any kind or any law at all….just POOF! and you’re gone….FOREVER.
Now I know Obama probably doesn’t exactly have his sights on me…and I’m only using Obama because he’s the personification of the federal government…truth is I’d be even more terrified of Romney, but that’s a whole other story.   I keep saying they’re out to get me just to make this whole terrifying legal argument very real.   But when you read the actual Order issued by federal judge Forrest, pay attention to all the conversation and treatment given to reporters and people who are exercising their First Amendment rights…like me.   People cannot just think, “Hey, who cares about that leftie journalist Chris Hedges, lock him up, torture him…who cares….ain’t me!”   That’s the point…you’ve got to make it personal…vision very clearly that it’s YOU that they are exercising Section 1021 against….try that on…imagine that terror…feel it….live it.
Go ahead, read the full opinion here
Anywhoo…that 113 page opinion isn’t enough….the Obama administration will not back down.   They will not accept the ruling of a damn federal judge….they are actually appealing her most thoughtful Order

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