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Why is David J. Stern Not In Handcuffs? Stunning Examples of Fraud…

justice-lawSerious, pervasive, systemic fraud lies at the heart of the current foreclosure meltdown.   This fraud was not committed in shady backrooms, although it might have started there.   This fraud was carried out thousands of times a day in hundreds of courtrooms and courthouses all across the State of Florida.

This fraud wasn’t a “Flash Crash” scheme that popped and no-one could catch it.   This fraud moved slowly, deliberately, purposefully in front of clerks of courts, attorneys, judges, the financial markets, regulators, legislators and the press.   There is no way to keep this Pandora’s box shut anymore.   There is no way to put this genie back in the bottle.

In the past week, I’ve done interviews with Canadian reporters, Australian reporters, British reporters.   They’re all struggling to understand what went wrong and just how big the problem is.   The attachments below are just like stars…..just a few little examples of a universe of fraudulent documents that are recorded in courthouses all across this state….each one representing a black hole that will suck our mortgage and financial markets further into a mess.   I challenge anyone who is struggling to grasp the magnitude of this problem to print out the three attachments, lay them out and study them.   These flawed and fraudulent assignments of mortgage pollute and make toxic the title to every piece of real estate they touch…..and this was all done in the most public of all forums…our open and accessible public records system…..




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