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Why Do Banks And Their Attorneys Just Get A Do Over on Fraud?

Bank-foreclosure-processIt’s a disgusting commentary really, but there seems to be no penalty, none whatsoever for an entire industry and complete systems that went purposefully awry.   The failure to clearly and honestly call this what it is and to provide any corrective action at all is one of the greatest failings in our government’s history, local, state and federal.

Today, all across this country, thousands of homeowners will lose their homes through a legal system which has been exploited.   Weeks or months from now, thousands of homeowners will be tossed into the street……through orders that were entered by a legal system that has been exploited.   The perpetrators of these crimes suffer not the first penalty.   In many instances they haven’t even been asked what they did wrong.

How have we come to live in a country where those who do wrong are not even questioned?   When authorities, when confronted with gross and obvious wrongdoing just look the other way.   Worse, when one state threatens an inquiry, as in the case of New Jersey, the court itself is threatened. (Read especially the Wells Fargo response.)

Where is the outrage? Where is the leadership? What happened to the American ethic that demanded an accounting and explanation when wrongdoing occurred?

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  • smtblnde says:

    Anger will only come with awareness, awareness will only come with understanding.

    Those of us educated in finance and law can not expect those who are not to readily jump on board.

    I hear far too many lay people blame it on “the economy” as though it is a godly phenomenon like the weather rather than a calculated occurrence created by elites and their army of minions who wake up every day and go to work screwing over main street.

  • smtblnde says:

    Tweed had for months been under attack from the New York Times and Thomas Nast, the cartoonist from Harper’s Weekly ““ regarding Nast’s cartoons, Tweed reportedly said, “Stop them damned pictures. I don’t care so much what the papers say about me. My constituents don’t know how to read, but they can’t help seeing them damned pictures!”

  • litgant says:

    I know my comment may seem somewhat harsh, but I see judges who throw people out of their homes, destroy their lives, send their children to Salvation Army shelters, as being just as criminal as these crazy shooters to destroy innocent lives. The judges who swing their hammer and destroy lives, all with use of known fraud, are in my opinion killers. Some of these judges and their illegal acts have caused some to snap and kill their whole families. Frankly I am sick of these Florida judges who are getting a free ride as they allow all kinds of fraud to speed up their rocket docket. When will the chief judges clean up their courts? When will they stop all this criminal conduct by banks, notaries, lawyers, and affidavit robo-signers? In Hillsborough County the senior judges are still not granting hearings to Pro-Se defendants who have requested them. But a plaintiff shyster lawyer can log in and set a hearing instantly. Our Florida court rooms need cleaned up and the rule of law restored. We need honorable judges who are deserving of their robe. But I am not seeing many here in the Tampa Bay area. Maybe a turn around is about to take place. Maybe some judges are about to stop being do-boys for the big banks. And maybe, just maybe, some of them are at last seeing judges in other states render decisions that are according to the rule of law. Maybe, just maybe, they are getting some lessons on how to make their courts more accountable to the rule of law. I hope so. I pray so. Mr. and Mrs Judge: stop the fraud in your court room. Stop it now.

  • lawgrace says:

    Even prior to AG Tom Miller’s ” deal” with mortgage lenders who deliberately engage in foreclosure fraud, scores of people NEEDED TO BE JAILED so that it can be deterred. American consumers are at the mercy of State Attorneys General to vigorously investigate and prosecute economic fraud ““of all types. Yet, it is understandable how limited facts and evidence can leave authorities with little choice except to ” deal” (like plea bargain?).

    Instead of hope and demand that out-of-control judicial & political systems somehow right itself, Americans need to DO our part ““or at least weigh what IS our part. Pro-action accomplishes better results than (notwithstanding any justification) posting commiserating statements or angry Internet comments about the mortgage crisis. Ethical lawmakers, news media, and particularly investigative reporters who put their safety on the line, are not solely responsible for a better America.

    Contained in the petition to the Congressional Foreclosure Panel are details and illustrations about foreclosure frauds being carried out by lawyers who file foreclosure proceedings. Information from the public about illegalities similar to those the petition describes, could aid lawmakers in curtailing and prosecuting fraud. (It is certainly the BETTER ROUTE than people copying / buying various publications via the Internet, and thinking that they can take on court systems ““particularly in light of the few grounds for opposing foreclosures successfully, instead of delaying them.)

    Hopefully people continue signing and sharing the petition ““and consider heaping upon offices of Attorneys General, information / evidence about foreclosure-judicial wrongdoing. @ Commentary on: ” Emerging Battleground on Mortgage Abuses: Foreclosure Mills”

  • angry_nNOT TAKING IT says:

    stop asking or thinking ANY GOV official is going to do anything thing for the homeowner side of this crime of the “banking cartels” .The gov has been in bed with the banks for over 100 years.
    SAD but TRUE. PLEASE examine the entirety of these crimes , the final move to remove “property & wealth from the middleclass, the HOMELAND SECURITY to label all who will stand our ground as “DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS”.

    Matt thanks again!

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