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Whose At Fault For Foreclosure Delays? The Servicers!

naked-capitalismA long, long time ago the general public perceived only one real class of wrongdoers in the foreclosure wars—the defaulted borrower.   That was last month.

Due to the antiseptic properties of reporting and the attention the foreclosure wars have now received by our press, the general public and policy makers now understand that borrowers who have not paid their payments are only one piece of the puzzle and that there are many other actors in the national tragedy called the Foreclosure Wars.

In my experience, the vast majority of borrowers would have been making payments all along if they had only been dealt with fairly and honestly by the servicer.   The layer upon layer of mis-communication, incompetence and sometimes outright fraud that borrowers are subjected to has exacerbated the problem on a national scale.

And all the while playing underneath the surface are undercurrents of perverse financial incentives that prevent honest, hardworking Americans from negotiating fairly with the Wizards that hold the keys to their homes and with those keys, the key to their economic, emotional and psychological security.   In the trenches of these battles, we understand that we’re often fighting against forces that have interests that are opposed to keeping Americans in their homes….and now the rest of the world is learning this disturbing fact…..

Naked Capitalism

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