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While Judges Suffer- David Stern One of Florida’s Largest Foreclosure Mills Profits BY MILLIONS!

Across this state judges, their assistants and clerks of courts are jumping to their feet, stopping what they’re doing and bending over backwards to meet the needs of the foreclosure mills who have dumped a big fat steaming pile of garbage in their chambers.

Such unprecedented–and unfunded–burdens are absurd in any case, but it is particularly absurd when one of the largest purveyors of this garbage and this mess–The Law Offices of David Stern in Broward County is apparently raking in obscene profits.

According to an article in the Tampa Tribune, David Stern’s Foreclosure Mill reported a $250 million profit since this crisis began.

A key message we’re bringing to Tallahassee today is we want our judges, their Judicial assistants, the Clerks of Courts and their staff to be properly funded.   I personally want to see the abuse of these public servants at the hands of the foreclosure mills stopped IMMEDIATELY.

The abuses are clear and well documented….for objective details of those abuses, read the Florida Supreme Court’s Task Force on Residential Mortgage Foreclosures.   For a start, let’s begin by canceling all telephone hearings.   Let’s enforce the rules in place that require ATTORNEYS TO MEET TO TRY AND RESOLVE ISSUES BEFORE HEARING.

and now the biggie…..




Today we will give our legislators the truth about foreclosure as practiced by the mills.   With that information, I want the Legislature to give our judges the political cover they need to understand this crisis.   Next, I want our legislature to properly fund our judges to give them and their staff the resources they need to do their jobs properly.



  • Jennifer says:

    AMEN! As you may know my husband and I are face to face with Stern’s office and are calling our fourth notice of hearing. Our house was auctioned off last month, pending loan mod would judge issue title. Stern’s attorneys have ignored all three previous Orders and somehow got the Clerk to issue title when Judge’s Orders said no title could be issued pending results of loan mod. We have stated facts about Sammons deposition, MERS not having authority over assigning our loan mortgage to Deutsche in 2009 and not being able to foreclose without note all the way back since 2007. For nearly three years our credit has been destroyed because of these morons over at Stern’s office. I can’t believe that they are being allowed to continue. I agree with so many of your posts that something neeeds to be done. We have requested to the Judge that if she still is going to permit mediation to go through (which is a big fat waste of time) then we want a loan analysis done after the mediation before we will sign our names to any dotted line. If anybody wants to help us out with the loan audit, let us know. I would really like to see Stern stopped in his tracks and let them experience having their jobs ripped from under them and try to make their mortgage payments. I know how God does it when they try to take the homes that He gave them. Keep them in your prayers.

    • Debi J says:

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      great lawyer. As you can see from this site, there are a few in the florida area that care! Thank you Mark for showing them that the banks too, must adhere to some kind of guidelines when it comes to rape! Bless all of those who care enough to expose all of the fraud! Debi J

  • marco barraza says:

    its time for homeowners to focus this energy on william foley he is the puppeter or franchiser of these foreclosure mills. Mortgage servicers placed insurance my favorite a monopoly on title insurance. Corporate office in jacksonville and a location now in st petersburg he needs his 15 minutes of fame. Please learn about william foley and governor crist and the donations that law makers have received from the layers of corporations that he is owner of. His past comes from arizona and the s&l scams. He is boss to john Mcain read america the connections are all theyre.

  • Jenn says:

    I just saw Marc’s post…doesn’t surprise me at all…the Lord also shows me he is affiliated with Deutsche bank. Just as an FYI, Deutsche Bank’s headquarters are the “twin towers” in Germany. That’s when it all started folks, 9/11.
    Just look up Deutsche on Wikipedia and start putting it together. God is amazing and he shows me many things. Of course, not everyone believes what they hear.
    See the Post:
    Deutsche Bank Strengthens Hedge Fund and Mid-Sized Institutional Client Equity Sales Coverage; Bill Foley, Sam Mezansky, and Ted Tabasso Join Deutsche Bank Securities
    Business Wire, August 5, 2003

  • Jenn says:

    Here’s another Post that is fascinating as it pertains to Deutsche Bank taking over properties globally–“one world order” as I said in earlier post—they are taking over our own banks here in U.S. and the banks don’t even see it coming…
    Post Title: (just Google it)
    Deutsche Bank looks to Saudi mortgage market for expansion
    Tom Arnold

    Last Updated: April 12. 2010 10:27PM UAE / April 12. 2010 6:27PM GMT

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