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Where Have All The Good Times Gone? The Uber Wealthy Stashing Trillions in Secret Lairs…

I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out how the US went from a prosperous country with bright and optimistic futures to economic collapse in just a few short years.
One explanation is very simple and frankly quite logical.   Global elites, using laws and rules and systems they created, along with assistance from the governments they own, have extracted wealth from the larger communities then concentrated that wealth in areas beyond the view of the people who helped them to amass it…..
A new report indicates that up to $32 Trillion is held in secret offshore havens…..


  • John Anderson says:

    Golly,that’s a lot of fiat currency!
    Gee, and I thought that only Mitt Romney was doing this.
    I guess the government could tax this money on the way back in if it was not controlled by it.
    Congress has the power to coin debt free money anytime it chooses to, bypassing the federal reserve. The only test for a currency is “can you pay your property taxes with it”. The Amero has already been approved for use. Let congress coin this new money in denominations of 5, 10, 20,50,100,500,1,000,10,000 out of a titanium alloy with a scanable micro chip. Coins like these could last 500 yrs. Congress could disperse this money to our military, government contractors, social security, and other debts government creates, without the middleman.
    Perhaps soon federal reserve notes will be viewed as the toilet paper it is, suitable for wrapping fish, or for wall decoration as old worthless stock certificates turned into wallpaper?
    Let us kill the rich by destroying the value of the wealth they have stolen.
    Is USA now a Despotic nation?

  • chitown2020 says:

    The robbery does not stop. These crooks set this up like a giant monopoly game with the main objective of stealing our wealth in order to fraudulently monopolize everything. They just never disclosed that to US. They are rotten to their cores.
    BTW…the U.N. was set to sign a Global small arms ban this week. That was planned a long time ago. Well before the movie theater incident. I want to see them dare to fraudulently induce that ban on our right to bear arms through the traitor politicians in the U.S. They are way out of line. Guns aren’t the problem…..sick people are. Globalization is a fraud. They robbed US and spread our wealth around the Globe in order to control us. That is precisely why they want our guns. To control US.

  • jgault says:

    “I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out how the US went from a prosperous country with bright and optimistic futures….”
    I’m not sure that’s a fact in evidence, ala the runaway inflation about which Carter was smeared for trying to curtail, for instance. The second paragraph re: the money grab rings true.
    Can’t get any more to open to read…..

  • Tressie Saum says:

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