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Where Did Florida Find $9.6 Million to Fund The Fraudclosure Rocket Docket?

foreclosure-pipelineAs we all know, these are desperate economic times.   The state is laying off teachers, cops, firefighters, budgets across the state are slashed.   Yet right in the middle of all of this cuttin’ and firin’, viola’ like Santa on Christmas morning up pops $9.6 million dollars to fund the absurd Fraudclosure Gas Chambers, (I mean Foreclosure Rocket Dockets). Instead of keeping the jobs of those teachers, cops and firefighters, our state found a quick and dirty way to throw them onto the street.

This whole little experiment in a thing called The First Amendment which is my blog really got fired up when a group of activists got together and traveled to Tallahassee to fight a bill that would have turned Florida into a non-judicial foreclosure state. (We don’t need no judges looking over our shoulders and examining our work, we’ll just take this home all by ourselves thank you.)   The response from legislators to our fight against a turn to Totalitarianism that would be the result of a turn to non judicial foreclosure ranged from open and receptive to outright hostile and aggressive from one Senator in particular who insisted (quite loudly and aggressively) that we should all just go home and let the banks take all this property back. (No need for our input and interruption, go home.)

As you see from the article attached here, the banks are screaming and hollerin’ and jumpin’ for joy…their new Rocket Dockets, while not moving as fast as they would like are churning back properties to the banks at a quick enough pace to justify the bank’s investment in the whole rocket docket charade.   And just think of the massive, incredible Return On Investment (ROI) that the Foreclosure Mills have obtained from the little $9.6 million dollar investment.   65,000 cases disposed of x expected attorney’s fees of $1,200.   Add in a few thousand dollars here in there of inflated service of process fees and now you’re talking about some real money. (Money that the foreclosure mills can spend on campaign contributions and attorneys to fight the Attorney General investigations and support other initiatives that will fulfill the goal of throwing cops, teachers and firefighters out on the street.)

So we’re all well aware of the $9.6 million dollar gift from above.   But let’s see some real investigative reporting about how that magic money appeared, who conceived of this ill-conceived and absurd farce of a justice system and let’s see what kind of campaign contributions are and were floating into the campaign accounts of those “leaders” who conceived and birthed this absurdity that is the Foreclosure Rocket Dockets.


Now as much as I am a passionate, tireless and outspoken critic of the Fraudclosure Rocket Docket, I am a political and economic realist and I’m prepared to offer a massive (and from within my camp a controversial compromise).   Lay off my homeowners.   Leave my tenants alone.   When we’ve got a property with a homeowner in it, taking care of the property AND PREPARED TO PAY SOMETHING. Use the Rocket Docket money to force the banks to keep them in that property.   The mechanism that exists is Florida Statute 69.021.   When a judge has a homeowner or tenant in court, she uses the 69.021 procedures and establishes a payment that owner or tenant must make to stay in the home.

All the vacant, abandoned and forgotten properties, let the banks take them back through in rem proceedings and start getting them back to work serving their useful function as shelter and homes for people that need them.   Get contractors to work clearing them.   Get real title attorneys to work clearing title and purging the putrid soup that exists in title ownership.   For all those borrowers that are ready to walk away….real deed in lieu’s….here’s your keys, here’s your home in good shape.   Let me get on my way figuring out how to make a living and keeping food on the table for my family.

So there you have it.   Two tracks, The Responsible and Realistic Docket running right alongside the Rocket Docket.   Investment and Vacant properties, you shoot down the Rocket Docket…..Bye Bye.   Homestead and inhabited properties…the committee will determine what your payment is, you sign a contract to pay the payment, mow the lawn and pay the insurance and you’re safe and secure in the home for the short term while we figure out how to unscrew our selves from this economic black hole that we’re in.


  • smtblnde says:

    In normal times, only lawyers and cops sway the elections of circuit court judges in Florida. The rest of the citizenry could care less about judicial races.

    However, with the onslaught of tens of thousand of foreclosures in any given circuit, an judge up for re-election would be hard-pressed to ignore the due process rights of thousands of foreclosure defendants.

    The whole scheme of bringing in retired judges to handle foreclosure cases, rocket-docket or not, is purposely designed to circumvent both the democratic and judicial rights guaranteed by both the state and fed constitutions.

    Retired judges not worried about re-election can issue rulings that would be more inclined to be pro-bank with impunity while permitting active judges to dodge a political hot potato.

  • steven0329 says:

    It’s called a CAFR. Every city, count and state has one…undisclosed to the general public, a private slush fund for the politicians.

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