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When Foreclosure Attorneys And Judges Openly Admit That The Legal System Is Not Fair, Equal Or Just….What’s The Point of Courts Anymore?

Most lawyers spent decades before law school absorbing the delusions and propaganda about what this nation was supposed to be.   Beginning in grade school those young students with an affinity for the lawyerly or government side of things probably paid a bit more attention to discussions and subjects that focused on the Three Branches.

Equal Justice. Innocent Until Proven Guilty. A Fair And Impartial Judge

And law school was the advanced study in these concepts.   We spent years reading cases that served to illustrate important concepts about this American system of laws and rules that was supposed to be the beacon, the light, the envy of all the world…right?

But not just lawyers….the general public is obsessed with courts and our courtroom dramas.   The OJ Simpson Trial. The Michael Jackson Trial. The Zimmerman Trial. Law and Order. LA Law. Ally McBeal.   The general public indulges in the delusion that our nation has a fair and a just and a legitimate court system that’s governed by a fair application of laws and rules and evidence and procedure.

The general public accepts the fact that murders and child molesters and even domestic terrorists are entitled not just to a fair trial, an open courtroom and an equal application of laws and rules and evidence.   The general public accepts the fact that murderers, child molesters and even domestic terrorists might very well be found innocent because the laws and rules and procedures that exist must be followed in order for a prosecutor to gain a conviction.

The general public quite legitimately howls in protest when our legal system allows a child molester, a murder, a terrorist to go free, but are mindful of the warning that’s eteched deep into our national psyche that::

Better a hundred guilty men go free rather than one innocent man be found guilty.

And yet, in very dramatic fashion, in just the flicker of time in our nation’s history, our courts are willing to throw the entire foundation of our legal system out the window, just so banks can get their demanded foreclosure judgements.   The law, the rules of evidence, the rules of procedure, not just re-written to suit this moment in time, but thrown out completely.

Not just subtly either.   Dramatically.   Judges across the state, given orders, threatened, pushed…..Do this bidding.   Do this thing…..or else.

Consider just one report from Chip Parker:

In Jacksonville, the senior judges were contacted by the OSCA, who threatened to stop the gravy train on July 1st if Jacksonville did not significantly reduce the number of active foreclosure cases.   So, the Jacksonville senior judges began scheduling 3800 foreclosure cases for trial last month, setting 120 cases per day for trial proceeding simultaneously in two courts.   This allocates 8 minutes per trial, which by anyone’s estimation, is a complete obliteration of a homeowner’s due process rights.   One really needs to see it to believe it.


Eventually, our state’s elected and appointed judges will wake up and recognize the madness of this madness.   Will they wake up before it’s too late?   Will they wake up long after the general public (with totally correct justification) disregards our entire court system as having lost all legitimacy?

This is the bigger problem with the circumstance before us all.



  • coco21 says:

    I think that the Courts should be using Polygraph machines during trials because no innocent person should lose their home because of corrupt Bankers. This would also prevent corrupt Judges from making unethical judgments. What could is swearing under oath and you have preponderance of evidence that the person is lying. Our Judicial system is a joke. We are victims of the above and its not fair.

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