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What Will It Take To Stop This Madness? Local Television on Foreclosure Fraud.

By September 24, 20103 Comments

Watch this at Tampa Bay Online

National, regional and local press are reporting the serious issues relating to Foreclosure Fraud nearly every day now.   A handful of honest judge with integrity are taking notice of the fraud in the foreclosure process and holding the lawyers and their clients to task.   A ranking member of the United States Congress has written a letter to the Chief Justice asking for a moratorium on foreclosures. And yet in spite of all of this, across this state, oftentimes in secret courtrooms that are hidden from the public using evidence and information that is hidden from the scrutiny of press or public view, judges will be signing thousands of foreclosure judgments.

I was in one of those secret Kafka-esque courtrooms in Tampa yesterday.   I made the speech I just made to the judge as he was in the middle of robo signing hundreds of judgments.   He seemed annoyed at my presence in the courtroom and my suggestion that there was anything at all wrong with the process.   We all know this is horribly wrong and like a sick patient that ignores his symptoms before it’s too late, the longer we allow this to play out, the worse the day of reckoning will be.   One of my motivations early on was to bring attention to this crisis in the hopes that officials would step up and stop this madness.   Our Attorney General is to be commended for taking the lead in this crisis…we can only hope that the Office of Attorney General maintains the integrity necessary to give these investigations their full force and impact.


  • alrady says:

    Matt I can’t afford to go but if you would like to get in touch with several people here that “get it” and make a presentation to the President or to Congress – well I think some basic normal people = and a handful of lawyers MIGHT make a little dent.

  • Mike Dillon says:

    If I’ve got the right Ken Clinton, he’s dealing with C-wide/BACHLS and MERS. The last assignment I saw was a MERS assignment apparently created by David J Stern. So in addition to lack of standing, the Clintons may potentially be class members of the $108M FTC enforcement action against C-wide/BACHLS as well …. A full review of the HAMP/loan mod guidelines may reveal additional issues as well.

    Best of luck to the Clintons.

  • litgant says:

    “He seemed annoyed at my presence in the courtroom and my suggestion that there was anything at all wrong with the process.”

    Matt you were in the Robo Court House. I am angry these judges treat lawyers defending clients in foreclosures like they are low-life scum. I think it is deplorable how these judges are legally abusive toward those who are trying to help us defendants. Yes, I meant it: LEGALLY ABUSIVE.

    Abuse can take on different forms and these judges are abusers in their temples of foreclosure.

    Thanks Mr. Weidner for being a lawyer for the people.

    I talked to a judicial assistant two weeks ago about setting a hearing date. She told me I had to send a letter requesting the hearing to the senior judge. She said to me: “sir I cannot give you legal advice, but if you want to win in court here you need to go find a lawyer who will represent the little people.” I thanked her for her sympathy and advice.

    Even the judicial assistant of the senir judge knows he is an abuser.

    I pray the Tampa Tribune and all the other media stay on top of this and expose all the fraud by MERS and its fake 200,000 vice presidents.

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