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What If (When) Just ONE of the Conspiracy Theories Are Proven True?

The internet is alive with conspiracy theories about everything.   Those long white streaks in the sky are not harmless water vapor contrails…they are part of a government and industry sponsored scientific experiment of unknown origin and goals.   The government was involved or aware in some way about 9/11.   The food industries are knowingly putting toxic chemicals into our food. The American military is engaging in wars not for strategic or legally approved purposes, but because carpet bombing countries increases the bottom lines for private defense contractors here in Amerika.   Obama has ordered hundreds of drone strikes on funerals, weddings, parties, knowing full well that thousands of innocent people will be killed while hoping that a few “high value” targets will be caught in the bombs. While the world was celebrating Christmas, Obama ordered more drone strikes.   The federal reserve and the entire Amerikan banking system and economy are controlled by a cabal of bankers and private parties with secret, subversive agendas.   The world banking class perpetuated the 2008 financial collapse and continues to manipulate it today for undisclosed purposes.   The United States government has become entirely corrupt, serving the interests of private corporations while enslaving and disregarding the interests of the larger population.
Some or all of the statements above are true.   And in a country populated by citizens who were inspired to move or to act, any one could serve as the spark to act, to rebel, to speak out.   But in modern day Amerika, very few speak out….and those that do can suffer tremendous consequences…..

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