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What Happens When Sheriffs Move To Evict, at gunpoint if necessary, Thousands of Floridians?

The Florida Legislature has announced the policy that they want to “speed foreclosures along”.

Florida courts are now on a mad frenzy to set foreclosure cases for Final Hearing.

Tens of thousands of Florida families will be displaced. Children made homeless.

And the end product of foreclosure is one of Florida’s sheriff’s department showing up at your door and standing by while all of your possessions are thrown into the street.

What does that look like, from a very practical perspective?   The fee paid to the sheriff for a writ of possession is $50.   Even if the homeowner leaves peacefully, this does not come close to carrying the cost in resources or assets.   And what happens when people finally wake up and start to push back against all this tyranny? When executing writs of possession can no longer be counted on to be peaceful affairs?

What happens when Floridians, who have seen billions of their dollars bailout the banks, and they got nothing in return, decide they’re not going to leave their homes?

What happens when Floridians, who did not get notice of trial, or did not recognize that a sale had been scheduled?

Oh, and the ultimate purchaser of our community member’s home? China.   Or Warren Buffet.   Or some Wall Street hedge fund.

What happens then?



  • neidermeyer says:

    Sounds like a sheriffs dept needs to be sued over their participation in an eviction that did not have “due process” ,, “sensitize” them with a 2*4 to the forehead…

  • Michael Edward says:

    Without a doubt, the day is approaching when a fraudulent foreclosure eviction will be met with strong physical lawful resistance. The county Sheriff’s are going to have to step up to bat and defend the people against bankster fraud evictions. If they don’t, they can be lawfully removed from their office for violation of oath and replaced by a new Sheriff who stands behind his oath.

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