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What Are You Afraid of Matt?

The stock market is up. Unemployment is “only” 10%. There are “only” 25 percent of homes in foreclosure.   I just came back from New York City and things really are booming.   The malls are full. Restaurants are packed.   So Matt, why are you screaming that the sky is falling?

This is an argument I find myself frequently engaged in.   Some of my closest friends don’t get at all where I’m coming from with my “paranoid delusions” and dire predictions of collapse.   First, none of the numbers that are being quoted by anyone mean anything anymore.   They’re all lies or fraud or hopelessly optimistic estimations or purposeful misstatements.   I don’t trust one word coming out of anybody, especially anyone associated with our government at any level and I damn sure don’t trust anyone associated with Wall Street, the banks or institutions.

zerohedgeI’m not the only one that’s bubbling over with anger and rage….the word is out now and everyday Americans all over this country are becoming increasingly angry at what has been done to all of us.   If you’re one of the few who are not yet angry, you’re just not getting it.   You’re not reading.   You’re not thinking.   Because you need to be informed first, then angry, then ready to do something about it.

In the coming years we’re going to continue to be treated to more and more details of the Greatest Fraud That’s Ever Been Committed on a Society.   One of the latest examples is the current Bank of America/Countrywide litigation.   The bottom line is Bank of America/Countrywide sold millions of loans to institutional investors all around the world.   The investors didn’t look at each loan, they relied upon the representations made in the prospectuses that were prepared by Bank of America/Countrywide.   Now the investors have taken the time to actually look at the loans and they’re accusing Bank of America/Countrywide of lying in the documents…..

Please read the following link from ZeroHedge for details.   The banks and institutions engage in widespread patterns of abusive behavior, lies, mistreatment and fraud….but not the first one has ever been prosecuted….not one has been put in handcuffs…..



  • says:

    Thanks Matt for breaking through the double-talk. One of my favorite distortions is that U.S. taxpayers made a $12 billion dollar profit on the Citigroup bailout. But in fact the $12 billion dollar profit is a shell game. Citigroup received $45 billion in taxpayer support late in 2008. Then Citigroup borrowed money from the fed at near zero percent interest and charged its consumers much higher rates, as much as 29+% interest on credit cards – more when fees are added. This borders on loan sharking.

    This is crony capitalism. Almost ANYBODY can make billions when the government lends you $45 billion and then lets you borrow at the fed window at near zero percent interest to re-loan the money at much higher rates. What skill does that take? How does that create value for the country? Citibank is nothing but a blood sucker.

    There is more: On January 16, 2009, Citigroup announced that it was splitting into two companies. Citicorp will continue with the traditional banking business while Citi Holdings Inc. will own the more risky investments, some of which will be sold to strengthen the balance sheet of the core business, Citicorp. The idea behind splitting into two companies is so Citigroup can dump “the dead weight” on Citi Holdings, all the bad real estate and other non-performing loans, allowing the prime assets of Citicorp to operate away from those toxic assets. More shell game.

    The rules of capitalism mandated the bankruptcy and orderly dissolution of Citigroup in 2008. Anything since has been a shell game. That’s how I see it. Neil Gillespie

  • jberry says:

    Matt, I know exactly what you mean about friends not understanding our concerns about the future.
    The mainstream media is brainwashing people and lying everyday about what is going on in this country. I have some successful and intelligent friends that invest in the stock market. Because they have made money this year, they believe that the economy is truly improving. They don’t talk about all the fraud and corruption going on because they really don’t know about it, since most do not read alternative news. Everyone has come to only depend on mainstream TV and newspapers. They see it on TV, read it in the papers, and believe everything they are told. Also, people are in denial. I find myself shifting from reality to denial all the time because all this is so hard to believe.

  • smtblnde says:

    All to often I have worried that I was becoming like Mel Gibson in the movie Conspiracy Theory.

    Reading Zero Hedge too often can really cause you mind to race.

    I have to take a break from the internet for a couple days here and there to let my head clear and just focus on enjoying life with my family.

  • learning2 says:

    ‘They’ create new meanings to age old words, make up numbers and twist everything to make it turn out the way they want.

    Here’s a great example:

    This government does not represent the people, but continues to tax the People. Taxation withOUT representation!

    The empire is falling…too slowly for most.

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