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WeidnerLaw Scores 3…THREE! Major Appellate Court Victories in Foreclosure Cases.


At WeidnerLaw we’re filing and writing more appeals than ever before…and in the last couple weeks we’ve scored major quiet victories. Why are they quiet victories? Because they are not written opinions…two are what are known as Confessions of Error and the third was an outright dismissal of the appeal by the bank.

I frankly feel even more affirmed when good attorneys from the opposing side examine our cases and confess error…that’s the ultimate affirmation because it tells the trial court judges that the banks think the issues are so clearly in our favor that they don’t want to risk appellate court determination.

The dismissal of an appeal…particularly this long fought appeal was likewise quite rewarding, but we’ll be slogging that out for quite some time to demonstrate just how wrong the bank and their attorneys ultimately were in that case.

There are so many more appeals coming.  Sit tight…appellate work is a long game.

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