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Know someone who needs help with foreclosure?

We advocate and fight for our clients every day.

Please consider referring them to WeidnerLaw.



  • Alan Boyd says:

    I support your crusade for justice big time. I see the banking guy claim you give slanted info to help you get customers. Can you put out some real percentages of mods acheived versus foreclosures in fl. to give all a reality check. Not just your firm info but state wide. I dont believe the bank guy but have noticed it seems to have slowed your foreclose related posts. Dont let up. The stats got to support you. Its true the banks and courts are criminal. Time for a rap sheet on these people showing the stats and some individual cases. A summary or the events. It would be your biggest accomplishment……….all in one report encriminating them all….an outline for the public to read….good enough and it could draw media attention.

  • william lewis says:

    a resourse needs to be developed to instruct
    other attorneys in the skills and desire to fight
    BIG bank in their home towns.Money ,fear and
    lack of skills it appears.

  • TJ says:

    Do you practice statewide, specifically Brevard County?

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