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Weidner in The New York Times!

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The crisis in Florida’s foreclosure courtrooms is a slow speed train wreck that will be playing out for decades to come.   The press is doing their job to spread the alarm bells of the continuing crisis in our courtrooms….Hot off the presses is an article that will run in the New York Times….


GMAC Mortgage Suspends Foreclosures


  • ForeclosureHamlet says:


    Thank you!


    P.S. Don’t forget, we all may be totally off base.

    GMAC themselves is talking about moratoriums, errors, unlawful foreclosures and then we have Florida Circuit Court Judge Meenu Sasser, in charge of the foreclosure division in Palm Beach County, “I haven’t see any widespread problem.”

  • ForeclosureHamlet says:

    ROBOSIGNERS of the same ilk as Jeffrey Stephan of GMAC infamy. WHOSE UP NEXT ON THE ROBOSIGNERS’ WALTZ?

  • DSchiar says:

    After hereing about the Congressman writing the Chief Justice of the The Florida Supreme Court, I decided to write my own letter showing the fraud by the Stern Clan in my case in black and white , the Pasco Case in black and white. I think everyone now needs to go for broke and expose this stuff full steam. Waiting is a mistake.

  • butchie123 says:

    The subtance of the GMAC issue is a credible move in further lessons learned in post-manic America’s selling and buying of the long-standing idiom, the American Dream. The thought that liability is associated with criminal behavior, which goes unpunished by Judges, may reach a number of crisis points before the whole matter explodes – and, in consideration of Judges who ignore their vows, the revelation will likely be a mass revolution rather than a consummate rescue as found in Greek tragedy. If there is any reality in the subterfuge that the Judges use to explain their roles, it is not going to keep the flys out of thier soup. In a unique way, our system has built a fault line, and it’s breaking up a hugh spot in the management of the post-WWII honest mythology that worked. Going into the 1980’s, the 1990’s, the trust between the corner bank and the neighborhood gave way to foolish minds and blind ignorance that comes with advancing more of the same membership of an idiot’s delight. What will happen is the meaning of crisis and we’re not handling this well at all. The thought of “libaility” is an eye-opener and I think it predicts what will happen. Perhaps the tragedy is that we’ll see people returning to their trillions of lost equity – back to their homes. I’ve noticed this thing: when lawyers properly foresee liability, they stop the train. It may not be the right “god machine” that lifts this tragic issue, but it is at least not the wrong one.

  • speakout says:

    If everyone wrote or called their congressmen and Attorney general and complained, it might stir up some of the dead heads that ignore our rights. Also, I issued a judicial cease and desist and declared the judge and Plaintiff in my case to be in violation of Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, ss 241 & 242. Punishment for this violation is death!

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