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We Should All Just Lay Down, Shut Up And Let The Banksters And Their Government Have Their Way With Us.

The great majority of people in this country are just sitting down, rolling over and allow the most egregious abuses and crimes be committed upon them without so much as a whimper.   We’re all just compliant, weak little fools sitting aside and somehow hoping that all these dark clouds descending around us don’t really mean a catastrophic storm is building around us. On every side. Coming in from every direction.     We’re rather like a lone boater stuck out in the middle of a vast sea while a hurricane comes slowly moving in. And still we sit there staring up at the blackening sky and looking down at the churning water.

Let’s take just for a moment our banking and financial system.   The entire system is based entirely on trust.   When you deposit money into these institutions, whether it be your paycheck at the end of the week in a checking account or your life savings in a savings account or you dutifully invest in stock 401k or retirement accounts, you are buying into the absurd fantasy that you can trust the institution to whom you have entrusted these fruits of your labor.   If yet, if you have any conception of reality you should have learned long ago that the corporations and financial institutions cannot be trusted to protect your precious hard earned assets. There are just too many stories out there which show how, again and again and again, the guardians of your treasure have squandered your assets. Stolen them, profited from them, then turned it to their own game.   Bernie Madoff was a tiny little bit player. A punk, an amateur, a caricature. And yet he was able to pull off a con, a scheme, a heist so grand literally right underneath the noses of every agency and security and regulatory body that was supposed to protect the consumer.

So who is protecting you?   To those of you out there who get statements which show the balance in your 401k’s, your retirement accounts, your stocks and bonds, just who is out there making sure all that money really is there?   The answer is there is no one that is looking after your purse, your little piece of the economic pie.   As we learn from all the well-researched and painstakingly documented autopsies of the slow moving financial catastrophe we’re all sitting right in the middle of, every single level of our government has become so corrupt that they have not the will or the way to overcome the interests of the corporate titans that control the great wealth of this nation.   They have quite simply ceded it over…every single bit of it….to the Wall Streeters and the elites that bought our country long ago.

These debates between the right and the left, the dems and the repubs.   It’s all just macabre theater. A distraction from the main stage which is the real tragic horror story. The truth is we all just sat on the sidelines, distracted by sport and theater and false wealth and unearned prosperity. And while we lavished ourselves in luxury and comfort, the titans ripped the foundations and our future and security right out from underneath us.

We will all be asking in the difficult times to come, “Did I do enough? Did I make an effort?”

What is your answer?


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  • John Anderson says:

    The powers that be expect civil unrest when the full weight of our situation becomes known to the public. This is why cities and counties who are crying poor are finding the money to buy armored vehicles. The politicians busy themselves rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and arguing about the placement of the chairs, and how many need to be thrown overboard to slow the sinking, instead of fixing the leak.
    Why aren’t these elected sock puppets fixing the problem, or even looking at it? If we are spending half of tax’s collected to just pay the interest on our debt, then somebody is making a boatload off of us “The FED ” and are projected to make even more in the future. This is the problem they don’t want us to address. If we retired the debt, could we not cut the tax’s in half?
    Now through a revolution we could bankrupt the debt, and start anew, with a new currency backed up by our Navy, that is larger than the next 17 of the worlds largest navies combined, and the worlds largest number of nuclear weapons. Yes. the world would accept the new currency for the same reason they do now.
    Or a more civilized way would be to sell off some assets of the country, like part of the 72% of the land mass within the country,owned by the government, and or legalizing and taxing drugs, and or import tax’s that kick in anytime trade imbalance reaches over a 60/40 % and a small direct tax on items of new technology like the I Phone a $10.00 tax on a $500.00 phone won’t hurt anything as even with the new tax the phones will eventually sell as low as fifty or a hundred bucks.
    Many things could be done to retire the debt, but the plan seems to be the trashing of the entire middle class of America. I just hope my last words are not spoken in a FEMA detention camp.

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