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We Fought The Law…AND WE WON! Foreclosure Bills DEAD! (for now)

FCAN-issuesWhen the 2012 Florida Legislative Session ended last night around midnight, the two remaining foreclosure bills were not read and were not passed by the Senate.

This was the third year that attorneys, consumer groups and activists worked together to stand   up against the most powerful groups in the state, and it was certainly the most exciting.   The effort was was especially inspired by the very active support and participation by several of this state’s faith-based groups, including PICO Florida , FOCUS, The Florida Consumer Action Network, Sarasota’s Mortgage Justice Group and members of Florida’s Tea Party!

The greatest thanks goes out to all of you that took the time to make calls, and especially those who drove to Tallahassee to put a personal face to all of this effort!

WE CANNOT REST! We now enter the next, and what will be a most critical phase…moving forward with all the great momentum this remarkable coalition has built.

We will identify additional issues and groups to support and become even more engaged in lawmaking and policymaking going forward!

Make sure you send special Thank You emails to the good senators who did stand with us, and all the Representatives…and be prepared to get involved in all their campaigns.

My heroes in this effort were Senator Mike Fasano, Senator Steve Oelrich and Representative Darren Soto….and all of you!


  • incognito123 says:

    Thank you Matt for your strong voice as well. I also wanted to thank my wife who did not think she could speak before the legislative committees, yet did so twice. She has been so supportive in everything, but of course, she says it easy when you know it’s all fraudulent.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    CONGRATULATIONS AND VERY WELL DONE. Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of the rights of citizens everywhere!

  • Jeff Dodds says:

    Well done Matt…our system still works in spite of the dirty under belly..on to Pino!!

  • saving my home in florida says:

    GREAT JOB!!! Already done this morning. i actually wrote a separate email to mike fasano. because i work full time in his city of residence and i see the amount of homes ravaged but this mess. i feel after our letters to him he helped end its ravage. thank you for all that you have done to stop this injustice. keep up the fight. florida homeowners are depending us to keep fighting .

  • Ann says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Weidner for all you do to help Homeowners.

  • j.mcguire says:

    Well done.
    One less egg in the cake mix.

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