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Washington Post- Pinellas County Takes A Leadership Role in Putting An End To Foreclosure Chaos

The national press have turned their attention on Pinellas County, because this circuit “Gets It” when it comes to understanding the problems in the foreclosure courtrooms and our judges are doing something about it.

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Chief Judge McGrady is not alone however.   Chief Judge Lee Hawthorne from the 12th Judicial Circuit in Sarasota County has likewise been very vocal and serious about ensuring fairness and equity is done in his courtrooms as well.

These two circuits really do “Get It” and citizens that live in these circuits are protected from the wanton abuses of the banks and foreclosure mills as a result of this. Just take a look at the form below that is being used in the 12th Circuit.   It represents a very practical way that judges can manage their caseload, enforce the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and force the foreclosure mills to be held accountable for their grossly abusive practices that are causing extraordinary financial pain for all taxpayers, not just those who are in foreclosure.


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  • litgant says:

    I was critical of CJ McGrady but now he has earned respect. He has shown himself on the side of the rule of law. He can sleep better at night knowing he did not allow fraud to put sick people and children on the streets. Thank you CJ McGrady. I take back all my critical words for you.

    Lit Gant

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