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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Wall Street Profits Obscenely While Middle America Suffers

This should make you insane…or angry…or motivated to go out and do something….


Huffington Post


  • TrickleUp says:

    I have a question. Wouldn’t the purchase of a tax lien by a private entity transform the lien into a private debt? And if it is a private debt it cannot attach to a Florida homestead. Could you explain this further?

  • frustrated says:

    If the lien holder forecloses, does homeowner still owe mortgage, if any?

  • angry_nNOT TAKING IT says:

    ” Matt” Thanks once again!
    Maybe someone should point out ,the cash strapped states are in this position because of what?
    Over blown Gov salaries ,excess of Gov waste, bank & mortgage lenders raping the populous while avoiding paying the ROD recording fees at the expense of residents of these states.
    And just to add insult to injury the very same office NOT paid for these recording fees are busy “selling out AGAIN the surviving homesteaders [there are now NO HOMEOWNERS in the USSA] wake up to the facts,property laws are null and void , GONE with the stolen weath of the working-class.
    The country of Kalifornia formerly part of the usa does not YET participate in the tax lien sales “as of yet”..keep your eye on what will be occurring in the much abused & bankrupted Kalifornia , we will lead the collapse.
    The fiat Gov run by the fiat bankster/GOV will be powerless to stop this.
    read “Starving the Monkeys”
    Welcome the end of our indentured servitude to the financial fascist regime . Understanding how the traps were & are set is essential to avoid being caught in them.

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