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Wall Street Journal Picks Up on Florida Default Law Group Investigation!

Well, now the tide really is turning….maybe all this SCREAMING ABOUT—FRAUD is starting to get someone’s attention.

The Wall Street Journal has picked up on the story…..after it was reported here, Foreclosure Hamlet and 4closurefraud, first!

Foreclosure Lawyers Face New Heat In Florida

By Amir Efrati

Foreclosure DrThese are precarious times for lawyers in the business of filing foreclosure cases for banks. This is particularly true in one of the epicenters of the foreclosure crisis, Florida.

As we’ve noted before, the feds in Jacksonville recently started a criminal investigation of a company that is a top provider of the documentation used by banks in the foreclosure process. And a state-court judge ruled that a bank submitted a ” fraudulent” document in support of its foreclosure case. That document was prepared by a local law firm.

For more Law Blog background on the foreclosure mess in our nation’s courts, this post will help.

The news today: the Florida Attorney General’s office said it has launched a civil investigation of Florida Default Law Group, based in Tampa, which is one of the largest so-called foreclosure-mill law firms in the state.

According to the AG’s website, it’s looking at whether the firm is ” fabricating and/or presenting false and misleading documents in foreclosure cases.” It added: ” These documents have been presented in court before judges as actual assignments of mortgages and have later been shown to be legally inadequate and/or insufficient.”

The issue: judges are increasingly running into situations in which banks are claiming ownership of properties they actually don’t own. Some of them end up chewing out the lawyers representing the banks.

The AG’s office said Florida Default Law Group appears to work closely with Lender Processing Services “” the company we referenced earlier that is being investigated by the Justice Department.

LPS processes and sometimes produces documents needed by banks to prove they own the mortgages. LPS often works with local lawyers who litigate the foreclosure cases in court. Sometimes those same law firms produce documents that are required to prove ownership.

We’ve reached out to Florida Default Law Group and LPS and will let you know if we hear back.

Keep up the pressure people and keep documenting the fraud, questionable documents and unethical practice…..with all of this mounting evidence circulating, building, crushing.

With the ROAR of questionable practices now public….HOW CAN JUDGES KEEP GRANTING SUMMARY JUDGMENT?



  • holly says:

    finally. it’s about time some one woke up.

  • lisamarie says:

    Thank God there is hope and the courts will realize the truth as we already know it. I hope one day there is a massive lawsuit to give back what hundreds of thousands of homeowners lost in this grossly illegal foreclosure massacre.

  • J.C. says:

    I always thought that FRAUD fell under “criminal” as opposed to civil crimes. I guess I had it wrong all this time.
    maybe because I thought that if I ran over your big toe, and you decided to sue me, that would fall under a “CIVIL” case.

    Do not be surprised when the AG announces that it has reached an agreement with Default Law Group, without them admitting any wrong doing. Who are we kidding people.!

  • ELISA SLACK says:

    how do we educate our judges, some of them still want to help the homeowners, I am lucky enough to have one like that, but I am afraid that they are too busy to see the forest for the trees.

  • vicky says:

    WFHM and FL Default Group.
    16 months of bogus work outs, signed contracts for loan mods signing on the dotted line for them, to bait and switch on me on their end when it is time to inked.
    Mers assigning and forceing me to me to sign over deed note and title to loan mod me, Coins of currency complaints, withregards to WFHM bait and switch, with te come back that paper work has not ben received, which is a lie due to titanium sollutions interveining to pick up all paper work needed by WFHM. I have had 7 titanium repersentives in the last 7 months to my house to pick up duplicates, transcripts, and to getme in touch with lendor , they are are here to help consumer nd lendor but seems more of the same each time. finally got a loan mod may 1, they hiked up payment sceduale that was different then the signed contact I sent in, again bait and switch.
    left hand not knowing what right hand is doing. at wits end, Vicky

  • ForeclosureSnoop says:

    Florida Default Group, PL had me served by a private server. I opened the envelope after the Server had left and found a lone HAMP brochure. I later discovered that I had signed for my Notice To Appear for court. These scumbags need to be CRIMINALLY prosecuted. Bill Mc Collum is running for Governor of Florida. Will he do the right thing and place a moratorium on foreclosures that have been handled by the Florida Default Group? My vote is hedging and I will campaign according to his ethics. 6th generation Floridian here.


    We could’t finalized our primary home Modification of our primary house,because Wells Fargo when servicing the Second Note (line of credit)to HSBC used FLORIDA DEFAULT LAW GROUP LP.

    I went to the court house and found no Lien against my house.

    If someone can give me clues of how to find FDLG fraudalent activities so I can present to WELLS FARGO will be highly appreciated.

    Salomon 321-303-4544

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