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Wall Street Journal- Local Judge Orders Examination of Process Service Fees- Warns of Jail!

mortgage-lenders-courtI’ve been screaming and now the world is catching on.   Examine the fees alleged for Service of Process in all foreclosure cases.   In the case I’m arguing today, how does the firm justify charging $475.00 for serving two summons?   I would only expect the fee to be around $250 max.   But then who really cares about a few hundred bucks here and there right?

Well, would you care if you and I and every taxpayer were paying those extra, unearned fees? Well, we are ladies and gentleman if those fees are passed along to Fannie and Freddie if they ultimately pay those fees as part of the post foreclosure REO sale.   For reporters looking for the next story, start looking at every single Affidavit of Cost in a foreclosure case.   Show that affidavit of cost to a legitimate Process Server and ask them what they would charge to serve the same summons.


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