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Wall Street And Their "Smart" Money…Betting on Renting Homes To Your Neighbors….

The same character of shady types that crashed this nation’s economy with the subprime crash now want to profit again….by renting homes.   The problem is, their numbers just do not add up.   They are already paying far too much for homes at foreclosure auction….and the rent numbers just do not make sense….not even close.   But their game is to sell off their spun gold….like the Emperor’s New Clothes to dopey investors……have fun people…..
DAVID N. MILLER, a master of bailouts, steps to the dais and coolly explains how the financial world went crazy.

David Miller, a former Treasury official who is now in private industry, is trying to buy up family homes cheaply.

It is February 2010. The anger behind Occupy Wall Street is building. Flicking through slides, Mr. Miller, a Treasury official working with the department’s $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, lays out what caused the housing bubble: easy credit, shoddy banking, feeble regulation, and on and on.
” History has demonstrated that the financial system over all “” not every piece of it, but over all “” is a force for good, even if it goes off track from time to time,” Mr. Miller tells a symposium at Columbia University in remarks posted on YouTube. ” As we’ve experienced, sometimes this system breaks down.”

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