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Violence, Civil Unrest a Byproduct of Foreclosure? Today’s Saint Petersburg Times.

fatal-foreclosureAll around the country people are expressing their frustration with the failed economy and the failed economic policies that are enriching the Fat Cats at the top of the pyramid at the expense of everyone else at the bottom of the pyramid.

Think about all the bajillions of dollars of federal money that’s been sloshing around the corridors of power over the last several years.   Has your life gotten any better as a result of the massive amount of money being tossed around?   I’m fairly certain that for most people the answer is a definite NO!

My clients are hard working, honest people who do not want to be caught in the middle of this foreclosure mess which is only a symptom of the larger economic crisis that grips this country.   Far too often, my clients are coming to me exasperated, at the end of their ropes and asking, “When will we see any economic relief?”

Just one more thought….What happens when hundreds of thousands of combat trained veterans come home with no jobs, no hope, PTSD?

It’s time we all think long and hard about the consequences and impact of forced displacement into a world that already seems hopeless for so many people.

Saint Petersburg Times

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