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How many billions were wasted fighting wars of conquest on behalf of Haliburton and Dick Cheney? More importantly, how many American and civilian and heck even “enemy” lives were lost fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq?  And now…just a few years later, the violence and the chaos returns.  So much for Mission Accomplished!  So much or all that nation building and neo-con world domination.

Meanwhile, back here at home, roads are crumbling, employment is at staggeringly low levels and we’re trillions of dollars in debt.  But not Dick Cheney and the rest of the war criminals…..they’re fabulously wealthy.

The US Government is spending billions of dollars to ensure they intercept and catalog every single one of our emails and phone calls but we are left in the dark about soviet bombers, and military overruns in Iraq.

When something really bad happens here in the US…how will US citizens react?  Will we feel protective and patriotic or will throngs of Americans adopt and express the worldviews and opinions shared by so many people from around the globe?

This angry and grotesquely corrupt nation that refuses to provide relief to the billions of citizens who are in debt, student loans, foreclosure, out of work…that same government that continues to coddle and protect and defend utterly corrupt and criminal corporations and institutions while punishing severely regular folks.

What could possibly go wrong?

Two long-range Russian bombers flew within 50 miles of the northern California coast Monday, but stayed out of U.S. airspace, a defense official said today.

The incident began much further north when four Russian Tu-95 Bear bomber planes and a refueling tanker enter the outer Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) near Alaska. The ADIZ extends for 200 miles and is considered international airspace, but if military aircraft enter the ADIZ, then the U.S. NORAD sends fighter jets to get a visual identification, NORAD spokesperson Capt. Jennifer Stadnyk said.

That’s what happened Monday afternoon when two American F-22 Raptor fighter jets went up to keep an eye on the Russian aircraft.


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